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#Review: WEST END EARL by Bethany Bennett


  5 of 5 stars

Ms. Bennett is a talented author and with this one sentence "People see what you want them to see or what they want to see." she sets up the unique idea behind the story. Cal, Earl of Carlyle and Adam Hardwick are the best of friends, only Adam is not really Adam, but his twin Ophelia "Phee" Hardwick. Ms. Bennett pulls off one of the best plot twists I've read in a while. To escape her evil uncle who wants to marry her off, Phee takes on the persona of her dead twin and eventually is hired by Cal. She secretly loves him, but he's clueless to her real identity and so it goes on for more than 2 years.

Without revealing too many other secrets from the book, I loved all the witty banter between Cal and "Adam." It was refreshing to read a story without the insta-love trope. It was so interesting to see how people do only see what you want them to see. I loved this book and can't wait to read Emma's story.

I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy and all opinions are my own.


#Review: SOMEONE TO CHERISH by Mary Balogh


3 of 5 stars

Major Harry Wescott has had a hard life of late, first losing his title and fortune because of his father's bigamy and then being grievously wounded in the war, but while he's been content at a family estate, something is missing--someone to cherish. Lydia Tavernor, a widow of the late vicar, has been living a quiet life in the small village after her husband's death. When Harry walks Lydia home a few times, the beginning of attraction begins to for. Lydia does not want to give up her newfound freedom and while Harry understands her position, he can't completely ignore her. Can these two damaged souls find peace, love and happiness together?

I haven't read any of the previous books in the series so I was a little lost with all of the characters that are introduced so quickly. There was too much info dump and lots of exposition that while a little interesting I thought took away from Harry and Lydia. I began skipping paragraphs and pages just to get back to Harry and Lydia. There is no great plot twists and turns in the story, just a sweet slow burn romance between two damaged souls.

I voluntarily read the advanced reader copy and all opinions are my own.

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#Review: THE DEVIL AND THE HEIRESS by Harper St George


4 of 5 stars

Christian Halston, Earl of Leigh, needs money to rebuild his beloved Scottish manor after a devastating fire and he's set his sights on American heiress Violet Crenshaw. When Violet's parents accept a proposal from another lord for her hand, Violet is appalled and runs away seemingly straight into Christian's arms. He offers to escort her north to a writing retreat and she readily accepts not knowing that Christian has plans to take her to Scotland for a quickie wedding. A terrible carriage accident along the way derails his plans. Can he convince Violet that his feels are real?

I enjoyed the first book in the Gilded Age series and this one didn't disappoint. I loved that Violet was a closet writer who had aspirations of being published one day. She starts out as the dutiful daughter until her parents accept a lord abhorrent to her and she flees. When Christian's suit for her hand is not accepted by her father, he manages to find her on the day she flees and offers her a ride north which she accepts and climbs into his carriage. I really enjoyed the dual POV and Ms. St George teases out details of Christian's past while Violet's story is more about her aspirations. When she finds out Christian had contrived the whole trip, she is devastated and wonders if she could trust anything he says including his vow of love. While I understand Violet's feelings of betrayal, I thought her refusal to see Christian for months went on a bit too long for me. The series seems to highlight that the men should be the ones to grovel their way to the inevitable HEA. I can't wait to read Max's story. Now that should involve some fantastic groveling.

I voluntarily read the advanced reader copy and all opinions are my own.


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#NEW Romance Release: NO MORE SECRETS by Cate Bauman


The Carter Island Trilogy, Book 3


RELEASE DATE:  June 22, 2021




Three Siblings. One Year. Everything Changes.

Aussie billionaire businessman and pilot Cade Paxton has struggled to put his life back together after suffering a tragic loss. With his purchase of Carter Island Air and recent move to the small Massachusetts island, he sees his chance for a fresh start. Cade’s sole focus is on growing his investment and avoiding romantic entanglements at all costs. But then he hires Rebecca Carter Interiors’ new assistant designer to help him update the aging airport. Cade quickly finds himself fascinated by the sassy beauty who often speaks her mind, talking to him in a way most people wouldn’t dare.

Single mother Gwenyth Carter has recently been through hell. She’s starting over after several months of nasty surprises. Newly divorced and nearly broke, she’s rebuilding her life one step at a time. Gwen’s certain she has everything she needs: her sweet baby girl, a supportive family, and her dream career. She’s endlessly grateful when the lucrative airport project falls into her lap. But Gwen soon realizes that her new job comes with unforeseen complications, mainly the amount of time she’s forced to spend with her gorgeous client and his sexy accent.

Their mutual attraction is undeniable, yet Gwen tries her best to keep a professional distance, even when she recognizes how wonderful Cade is with her daughter. But it isn’t long before Gwen is dealt another unexpected blow that she struggles to handle on her own. Gwen will have no choice but to turn to the one man she’s determined not to want or risk losing what she loves most.




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Fresh starts and second chances…

It’s hard to believe that the Carter Island Trilogy is coming to an end with the addition of No More Secrets. Originally, I intended to write Secrets Hidden in the Glass, book one in the series, as a standalone title. Famous stained glass artist Callie Davis’ life is a mess as she heads to tiny Carter Island for a much-needed vacation. She soon meets gorgeous Sheriff Nathan Carter, and the sparks fly quickly thereafter. Despite her hot new romance, things go from bad to worse for poor Callie when her past comes back to haunt her.

As I told Nate and Callie’s story, I fell in love with Carter Island and the many secondary characters, particularly Nate’s sisters, Molly and Gwen. They’re so sassy and irresistible. I knew I had to tell their stories, too.

By trade, I’m a romantic-suspense author. There are definitely a few mystery/suspense elements in Secrets Hidden in the Glass, but Molly and Gwen’s stories take us into the contemporary romance genre. Nate and Callie’s adventure evolved into the Carter siblings’ journeys as they move through one year. From autumn to summer, so much changes for Nate, Molly, and Gwen, especially when it comes to matters of the heart.

In Aftermath of Secrets, Molly fights her feelings for her long-time best friend Bradley Sanderson when a shocking scandal forces him to return to Carter Island.

In No More Secrets single mother Gwenyth Carter finds herself betrayed, divorced, and nearly broke. She’s determined to pick up the pieces of her life on her own, but sexy Aussie billionaire businessman Cade Paxton keeps getting in her way.

Gwen and Cade were so much fun to write. I hope you’ll enjoy their story.

 “The ultimate goal is expansion—expanding the airport in phases and contracting with a major airline to maximize the island’s summer reach. I’d like to bring in flights from D.C., Atlanta, and Miami.”

Gwen blinked her surprise. “Wow, I didn’t realize that was happening.”

He nodded again. “That’s the long-term plan. Infrastructure needs to catch up before we start bringing more people in for a visit, though. I’d say we’re three years away from the full implementation.”

“I see.” She made notes, not sure how much she liked the idea of Carter Island becoming a massive tourist attraction. They had numerous visitors every summer, but this seemed extreme.

“You don’t have much of a poker face, Gwen.”

Her gaze snapped to his. “I’m sorry?”

“You’re frowning.”

“Oh.” She immediately smoothed her features with a polite smile. “I apologize.”

“You’re not much on the idea, then?”

She shrugged. “We’re not looking to turn Carter Island into a summertime circus. It’s unfortunate if Buzz and the council have given you that impression.”

“There’s plenty of room for growth.”

“As a developer, I’m sure that’s your bottom line, but there’s also a need for conservation. I recognize that Thomas was too stuck in his ways when he was mayor. I also understand that Buzz is moving Sanderson in a new direction, but bigger isn’t always better.”

“I agree.”

She nodded decisively. “Good. Because both of the founding families are on board with careful, well-considered growth, but neither the Sandersons nor Carters will tolerate developing to capacity. As a Carter myself, I can assure you that won’t be happening.”

A grin split Cade’s face.

She felt her frown return. “Why are you smiling? What have I said that’s funny?”

“You’ve certainly told me.”

Her temper began heating. “This is my home—my daughter’s home. I have a duty to speak up and protect my birthright.” Never again would she be complacent when something didn’t sit right.

“It’s been quite some time since anyone’s put me in my place. Most people wouldn’t dare.”

She jerked her shoulders. “You don’t frighten me much.”

He roared out a laugh, his head tipping back with the deep sound. “Duly noted.”





Cate Beauman is the multi-award-winning, international bestselling author of The Bodyguards of L.A. County series and the Carter Island Novels. She is known for her full-length, action-packed romantic suspense and contemporary stories.


Cate's novels have been named Readers' Favorite Five Star books and have won the Booksellers' Best Award, Maggie Award for Excellence, the Holt Medallion Award, two-time Aspen Gold Medal, two-time Readers' Favorite International Gold Medal, three-time Readers' Favorite International Silver Medal, and the Readers' Crown Award.


Cate makes her home in New Hampshire with her family and their St. Bernards, Bear and Jack.






Amazon Author Page:







The Carter Island Trilogy, Book 1


Release Date:  October 8, 2017


Three Siblings. One Year. Everything Changes.

Stained glass artist Callie Davis is in desperate need of a vacation. Burnt out and on the edge of a nervous breakdown, she’s taking refuge on Massachusetts’ tiny Carter Island. Callie yearns for long, lazy days and pretty walks on the beach—blessed solitude and an escape from the pressures of her career and complications of her life. Then she bumps into gorgeous Nate Carter, and everything changes.


Sheriff Nathan Carter couldn’t be happier now that the height of the summer season has finally come and gone. After four endless months, tourists have packed their bags and headed for the mainland. The quiet days of autumn are about to befall the town—the way Nate and his fellow Sandersonians like it best.


But nothing ends up quite the way Nate expects when he meets the beautiful blond with the big blue eyes. Callie’s pretty smiles hide secrets—deep, dark mysteries that have the potential to rip apart their lives.

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Reviews and Endorsements:
2018 Readers’ Favorite Silver Medal Winner

Readers’ Favorite Five Star Book Designation


“Great character’s, fantastic plot, it is a book to sink into. You feel the magic of the island…” Amazon Verified Review


“Even throughout the nail-biting scenes, and moments of terrible sadness, you feel the rise and love sneaking back into the picture.” Amazon Verified Review


Amazon Rating: 4.5/5

Goodreads Rating: 4.4/5



The Carter Island Trilogy, Book 2


RELEASE DATE:  June 4, 2020


Three Siblings. One Year. Everything Changes.


Boston’s Most Eligible Bachelor has it all: good looks, a great career, and plenty of wealth and prestige. But Bradley Sanderson’s charmed life quickly falls apart when scandal rocks his famous family. Arrests have been made; the media circus has begun, and Brad has been tasked with the daunting chore of restoring the Sandersons’ good name. Moving back to Carter Island and picking up the pieces hasn’t been easy, especially when the one person he needs the most won’t give him the time of day.


Bakery owner and island resident Molly Carter is loyal to her core, but that doesn’t mean Brad’s homecoming hasn’t left her torn. Brad’s darkest days aren’t lost on Molly, but reaching out to her lifelong friend isn’t so simple when she’s forced to guard her heart. Everything changed when she woke up alone after their sexy summer night.


The complications keep coming when Brad’s long-lost brother shows up in town, bringing the remnants of his checkered past with him. Forgiveness and redemption are possible for all, until new secrets come to light that may have shocking consequences.

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Reviews and Endorsements

Readers’ Favorite Five Star Book Designation


“I'm a big sucker for a good love story, especially one that has drama. Aftermath Of Secrets by Cate Beauman provided both in a beautiful way. I was swept in by the characters, their wants, and desires.”  -Shannon Winings, Readers’ Favorite Book Awards


 Molly gets her story and it is powerful! I love the Carter's and the Sanderson drama. I just wish the story had been longer.” Amazon Verified Review


Amazon Rating: 4.4/5

Goodreads Rating: 4.4/5



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#Review: A DUKE IN TIME by Janna MacGregor


3 of 5 stars

I usually adore Ms. MacGregor's books, but this one was not one of my favorites. Not sure if having the dead husband married to multiple woman is a new trope, but this is the same story line as Jess Michael's latest series. Multiple wives, one is a virgin even after marriage and throw in a duke into the mix as a new suitor is almost identical to the other series. Also, "A Duke in Time" seemed a bit modern to me and I would have preferred more of a Regency style to the story line.

Good things about the book is Katherine. She is a strong, hard-working woman who has built a successful business and hires only women especially women with few other options. Also Katherine's caring for the other wives speaks well to her character. Christian is the perfect hero--a celebrated war hero who wants to help returning soldiers find worthwhile work. While one of Katherine's problems was resolved, the main mystery of where all the dowry money from all 3 women went was not really resolved. Was all the outrageous possessions of the dead husband meant to resolve this issue? Not sure it does.

While I always look forward to new releases from this author, I have no interest in continuing this series.

I voluntarily read the advanced reader copy and all opinions are my own. 


Wednesday, June 23, 2021

#Review: GARDEN OF ANGELS by Meara Platt



  5 of 5 stars

Dragon Lord Lucien Mordain recognizes his dragon mate in an injured young woman Aideen who is brought to his castle after a carriage accident. Aideen has no idea what is happening to her as she is more and more drawn to Lucien. When he reveals she is his dragon mate, she's reluctant to believe an orphan girl like her could attract the love of such a powerful lord, but there is more going on. Evil is amassing on all sides and Lucien must claim Aideen before the battle for survival begins, but she must come to him willingly. Can Lucien convince her that he's the one he wants for all eternity?

I read the first book in the series and was intrigued with the world she had created, but this book was just outstanding! Miss Platt weaves a fantastic paranormal story of dragons, angels, Fae and the evil minions who threaten the worlds of dragons, Fae and humans. The way she weaves the prophecies from the Stone of Draloch is so very clever. I could hardly put the book down until I had read to the last page. I absolutely loved this book! Ms. Platt is a multi-talented author who can write awesome paranormal stories as well as lovely historical romances.

I voluntarily read the advanced reader copy and all opinions are my own.

Monday, June 21, 2021

#Review: TO TEMPT A SCANDALOUS LORD by Liana De la Rosa

  4 of 5 stars

Widowed Alicia Lindsay has finally found a way for her voice to be heard. She secretly writes political chapbooks and has focused on the candidates for Prime Minister. She's never vicious in her commentaries, but points out ways for the candidates to improve the lives of poorer citizens. She's most interested in Niall Campbell, Marquess of Inverray, who she believes is the best candidate for Prime Minister for his efforts regarding better working conditions for children. When an unfortunate mishap with her brooch in the ballroom, she suddenly finds herself engaged to the handsome Scot Niall. Niall steps up and marries Alicia to save them both from scandal, but most especially for himself. His candidacy cannot withstand the scandal. What Niall doesn't know is the more time he spends with Alicia, the more he is frustrated and intrigued. 

Ms. De la Rosa has written an intriguing story about Alicia and Niall. The brooch was a clever way to bring about a wedding. She adds the mystery of Niall trying to find out who the chapbook writer is and how Alicia tries to find a way to tell her new husband she's the one he's looking for. I was happy to see there wasn't any insta-love in the story, but a slow build up to their happily ever after. Alicia was a strong woman who stood up for her opinions. There is definitely quite a bit of politics discussed in the book so readers should be aware of that plot element. I found it fascinating and enjoyed this book as it tackled a unique idea. I definitely plan to read more by Ms. De la Rosa in the future. 

I voluntarily read the advanced reader copy and all opinions are my own.


#Excerpt: NEPTUNE'S WINDOW, Deep Stare by L.L. Lewin

Neptune’s Window, Deep Stare
L.L. Lewin
(Neptune’s Window, #2)
Publication date: June 21st 2021
Genres: Mystery, Young Adult

Caught up in the lies, illusions, and mystery of Newport Beach, teenage medium Aries Dade delves deeper into the circumstances surrounding her mother’s death. Still unable to communicate with her mother, she relies on the aid of several spirits, discovering the identities of two of them, and how they relate to her.

As the second novel in the Neptune’s Window trilogy, Deep Stare thrusts Aries further into the scandal of Newport Beach High School, where everyone has their own secret, including the death of the school’s most popular and beloved friend. But Aries has a secret of her own. She can communicate with their dead friend.
Are you ready to take a deep stare into Neptune’s Window?

Goodreads / Amazon


Setting her laptop on the kitchen table, she turned it on.

“Don’t do it,” a spirit said.

Halfway through a bag of chips, she opened a can of soda. If everybody else knows, shouldn’t I?

“Ignorance is bliss. You already know that you’re not going to like what you find.”

I hate that expression. Ignorance is a nicer way of saying I’m stupid. Which is what everyone must think. It’s time I know the truth about Cory.

“Suit yourself. But it’s not wise to participate in their drama.”

You have a point. But I can’t control myself any longer. I have to know.

With curiosity getting the best of her, she didn’t care who the spirit was, and ignored the warning. Clicking onto the site, she typed in her password while sipping some soda.

“It’s only going to cause you more problems.”

I appreciate the warning, but here I go. She scrolled back to the night of the homecoming dance.

“Oh my God.”

Author Bio:

LL Lewin is the author of the Neptune's Window Trilogy. A native of Southern California, she was born in Los Angeles County and grew up in Orange County. She graduated from the University California, Irvine with a degree in psychology and social behavior. After teaching for several years and interacting with the youth almost daily, she was inspired to write a young adult mystery novel, which morphed into a little bit more. Since things happen in threes for her (her initials, triple Sagittarius, the third born) the novel turned into a trilogy and reaffirmed her belief that three's a charm.

She loves all things astrological, metaphysical, and spiritual. With her sun, moon, and rising all in the sign of Sagittarius, She's as Sagittarius as they come, optimistic, freedom-loving, and ever so tactless.

Her three passions in life are writing, traveling, and soccer. You'll either find her writing at the beach, on an island somewhere, or on a soccer field. And her three vices are chocolate, pizza, and champagne, and not necessarily in that order.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Instagram

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Saturday, June 19, 2021



SALE runs June 19-23, 2021


Has Keira made the worst mistake of her life?

Unemployed Keira Callahan decides to try her luck at the casino before delving back into job hunting. As she walks through the casino, she bumps into the most handsome man she’s ever seen. When he asks her to dinner, she doesn’t hesitate. As she learns Cade Tyndale’s story—he needs to wed or lose his British estate, her impulsive nature rears up and she agrees to marry him and move to England for one year. What does she have to lose except her heart to the impossibly handsome Earl of Barrett?

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Keira looked around for the nearest cashier window, spotted one past the roulette and craps tables, and hurried toward it. As she passed the craps table, she looked at her ticket again, with its final payout of one thousand and seventy-five dollars. It was the most money she’d ever won at the casino. Tonight was indeed her lucky night. This money would certainly give her some added time while she made up her mind about what she wanted to do next about finding a job. Still looking down at her ticket, she nearly fell to the floor when she ran into something rock hard. Or make that someone. As she began to fall backward, her arms doing wild cartwheels to try to regain her balance, her eyes found the most gorgeous man she’d ever seen standing in front of her.

He was tall and lean, with striking blue eyes and light-brown hair that fell in waves to his shirt collar. Women would kill for hair like that, it was so perfect. He looked like he’d stepped out of a GQ magazine cover; or better still, put him in a suit of armor and give him a sword, and he would become the legendary knight Tristan come to life. A hero destined to make the ladies swoon, and Keira was ready to swoon. He was impossibly handsome.

All these crazy thoughts swirled through her mind as she fell backwards. This tumble was going to be so embarrassing, never mind the bruising her bottom would endure. Much to her surprise, none of that happened. A strong arm wrapped around her waist at the last minute and prevented her from falling. Instead of sitting on the floor embarrassed, she found herself pressed against a hard and very toned chest.

“Oh, my God! I’m so sorry,” she blurted out. “I wasn’t looking where I was going.”

Blue eyes twinkled at her. “The fault is mine. I stepped back from the table without looking. Please accept my sincere apology,” the handsome stranger said in a charming English accent before releasing his grip on her waist.

Could he be any more perfect? Not only was he Adonis, the god of beauty and desire, in the flesh, but an Adonis with an English accent. Her mouth hung open as she stared at him.


Find out how all 3 Tyndale siblings find their happily ever after: