About Me

I write fantasy and science fiction stories with my co-author, David W Small.  We're a brother and sister writing team and have been collaborating together since 2006.

Our newest release is WITCH'S CURSE. Book 2 in the Witch Stone. It continues the journey of elite assassin, Jeda DeLongo and his quest to keep his twins, the children of prophecy alive. ASSASSIN'S CURSE is Book 1 of The Witch Stone Prophecy. We are currently developing the final book, WITCH STONE ASSASSIN in this series and it is expected to be released late 2019.

If you like a "bite" in your stories, THE SILVER CROSS, Book 1 in The Vampire Nightlife series, will fit the bill. The sequel, THE SILVER DOUBLE CROSS is forthcoming.

We have published 2 novels, QUEST FOR NOBILITY and THE CRYSTAL FACADE in the Rule of Otharia series. The third and final volume, THE KING'S LAST WORD is under development.  

You can also check out our books under the different tabs in the top two menu bars.  I've included some review snippets as well for all of the books.  If you're interested in learning more about the World of Otharia, there is a tab for that as well as a LEXICON for Otharia.  

We also have a post-apocalyptic series of short stories, Dark Future Series, which includes PATH TO DESTRUCTION THE RIGHT PATH and ZIA'S PATH. You can now buy all 3 titles in one volume, THE PATH.

You can check out all the books here: http://www.amazon.com/Debra-L-Martin/e/B003Q1WLXY

I also write romance under my pen name, Debra Elizabeth and have recently finished the first book, The Accidental Wedding, in a new series. You can find all the romance books here: https://www.amazon.com/Debra-Elizabeth/e/B005XYN2YE

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read our books. If you like them, please consider leaving a review at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and iBookstore. Reviews are the best way for fans to let us know what you thought about the book.

Feel free to email me directly at dlmartin6@yahoo.com.