If you like fantasy, the first 2 books in THE RULE OF OTHARIA trilogy are now available as ebooks. The books tell the story of royal Otharian twins, Darius and Dyla Telkur, both of whom are strong in psychic abilities - Darius a telepath and Dyla an empath. Share in their adventure and follow their struggles, heartaches and triumphs. 

Look for the exciting conclusion to this series. The final book in the trilogy, THE KING'S LAST WORD is forthcoming. 



QUEST FOR NOBILITY: The parents of royal Otharian twins Darius and Dyla have been murdered; their cousin is stealing their throne, and they are falsely accused of murder. Their only choice is to flee to the forbidden and quarantined planet Earth, but it could turn out to be a one-way trip.

To return home, they must find an ancient crystal, that once belonged to Merlin, to power the return portal. When the twins stumble upon the location of the crystal, the local crime boss sends out his assassin to retrieve it. Can Darius and Dyla use their PSI powers to open the portal home and reclaim their throne before the assassin catches up to them?

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Book Blurb:
Royal Otharian twins Darius and Dyla Telkur have a big problem: they know too much about a secret sect of their countrymen living on the forbidden planet Earth. On a previous trip to Earth, they traced the sect's lineage back to the time of Merlin, but a run-in with a local crime boss forced them back to Otharia before they could unravel the mystery.

Now Dyla is dreaming again. Her dreams of the London crime boss portend an imminent threat to her family and she has no choice but to secretly return to Earth to find out what they mean. What the twins don't realize is they're walking into a conspiracy involving a centuries old interplanetary smuggling operation. Will they be able to capitalize on their superior PSI powers to get the answers they need before they fall victim to a telekinetic assassin that has followed them across the galaxy? 

This fast-paced book can be enjoyed as a stand-alone novel

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Two powerful families with an ancient feud dating back centuries, but only one can ultimately rule.
House of Telkur

House of Vogdo
From the moment the royal Otharian houses of Telkur and Vogdo discovered ancient Earth in the 5th century, their fates were forever entwined. The Otharians found the people of ancient Earth to be a primitive race; savage, uncivilized, and lacking even the fundamental concepts of psychokinesis. The Otharians eagerly looked forward to the prospect of plundering Earth’s diamond resources. But greed has a way of turning on itself and the exploration is met with disaster.  The horrific truth behind the betrayal and murders are hidden deep within the mysteries of Merlin and Arthurian lore. These secrets have been kept for hundreds of years. 

The wait is now over... 

Facts about Otharians: 

All Otharians have some level of PSI power - empathy, telepathy or telekinesis:

Most common of the PSI manifestations is empathy.  The empath’s power centers on their ability to concentrate and expand their awareness, through a crystal, to “touch” every other living thing’s awareness within a given radius.  This power gives the empath a unique insight into the “feelings” of others and, through experience and training, allows them to read what others are feeling.  Only a small percentage of those with this PSI ability are strongly gifted and afforded advanced training.  A strong empath with advanced training can easily see through most subterfuge that the average layman tries to perpetrate by reading through the surface feeling being forced, to the true feelings that are being hidden.

Telepathy is considered to be the most rare and hardest to master of all the PSI powers.  Reading another person’s thoughts is extremely difficult due to the inherent nature of the brain and the abstract nature of thought. Though the brain can be “touched,” the thoughts of the mind are much more elusive.  For a telepath to “read” another person’s thoughts, he/she first has to physically touch that person.  Upon contact, a telepath concentrates his awareness through his/her crystal and merges his/her awareness with the other person’s.  Once merged, the telepath has to  “listen” to the surface thoughts as they happen.   Only the most powerful, highly trained, and experienced telepath can go beyond the conscious and into the subconscious, but the interpretation of what is found is highly subjective and often suspect.  

The physical act of moving an object requires a force of energy to be exerted on the object for the object to have an equal and opposite reaction.  The telekinetic has the ability to concentrate his awareness through a crystal and affect the electromagnetic fields surrounding an object.  As a consequence, the electromagnetic fields surrounding an object can be manipulated and excited to the effect of becoming a positive or negative charge, resulting in the primary object moving away from, or being pulled to, the charged area of excited electrostatic activity.  The object continues to be excited and moved for the duration of the concentration or until it travels beyond the telekinetic influence.  Advanced telekinetics can open communication portals and travelling portals and are highly sought after by royal families to be employed in their duchy portal stations.

Portals were discovered by the act of manipulating the actual space between and surrounding two locations.  In essence, the telekinetic has the ability, through a crystal, to affect and merge two distinct and separate areas.  This can be visualized by the act of pinching two sides of a balloon together and melding the edges of the pinch to produce an opening.  In the case of the telekinetic, the pinch actually occurs in sub-space and has no “relative” effect on normal space except to open a portal.  The portal closes once the telekinetic ceases to apply his/her concentration on it. The crystals that are used are rated form 1K, mostly used by children for early training, to 10K strength used by the strongest telekinetic for inter-planetary travel.  The 10K crystals are extremely expensive and held by only the wealthiest of families. Inter-planetary portals are limited to certain areas of magnetic alignments on any planet.  

The Grand Council: The governing body of the Kingdom of Otharia. All sitting dukes and duchesses plus other representatives from each duchy are appointed to the Council. The Council is presided over by the Grand Duke. The current Grand Duke is Duke Janus Vogdo of the Vogdo Duchy

The Red Alliance: A secret group of nobles working to keep the status-quo of the nobility ruling the working classes. They are against programs of enlightenment being proposed by more forward-thinking dukes such as Duke Levon Telkur.

PSI abilities: Telepathy, Empathy and Telekinetics. The PSI factor does not fully manifest itself until puberty, and the full potential of an individual cannot be measured until then.  An individual’s full ability may never be ascertained if the PSI category is not recognized and properly trained.  Though rare, a potentially powerful PSI factor can occasionally be found in families that had no previous instances of great strength.  For this reason, all children are tested.  Any PSI has the ability to “sense” another PSI, but this sensing is limited to the recognition of PSI and not the potential power of the individual.  The children with great potential are singled out for special training at the Otharian Institute for Paranormal Studies.

Beyond the diamond's superficial beauty of carat, clarity, color and cut, the Otharians have discovered another intrinsic "C" within the nature of them: conductivity. This fifth C fuels their PSI powers. The quality and size of a crystal controls the degree to which PSI power can be multiplied.  The fractal properties of a crystal - the number and symmetry with which it is copied within itself to then reflect, refract, magnify and multiply a PSI focus - is what determines the relative worth of a crystal. The 10K crystals, or traveling crystals, are the most powerful crystals and are used to open long-distance portals between duchies.  Personal crystals are used to open short-distance portals of usually not more than ten leagues at a jump.

Otharian Institute of Paranormal Studies: Institute where the best and brightest students are taught advanced abilities in Telepathy, Empathy and Telekinetics.


Levon Telkur – Duke of Telkur, telepath. Believes in enlightenment programs for  the masses which causes rifts among the royalty.

Lilliana Telkur- Duchess of Telkur, empath

Darius Telkur – Heir-apparent and telepath. Son of Levon and Lilliana Telkur

Dyla Telkur – Twin sister of Darius Telkur, empath

Avikar Kantos – Baron of Kantos, in the Duchy of Telkur, distant cousin of Lilliana

Trinity Kantos – Sister of Avikar and Ronal, telekinetic, distant cousin of Lilliana. Friend and ally of Darius and Dyla

Ronal Kantos – First Counselor to Duke of Telkur. Distant cousin of Lilliana

Nils – Right-hand man to Avikar Kantos, strong telekinetic, assassin

Rylee Persing – Duke of Persing, telekinetic

Katelle Persing – Duchess of Persing and sister of Lilliana Telkur

Tyrian Persing – Heir-apparent and especially strong telekinetic. Son of Rylee and Katelle Persing

Kala Persing – daughter of Rylee and Katelle Persing.

Lucas Jortac – Duke of Jortac, strong telepath

Janal Jortac Duchess of Jortac, strong telekinetic

Eclasius Jortac – Heir-apparent and strongest telekinetic of his generation. Son of Lucas and Janal Jortac

Marek Dalcon – Duke of Dalcon, telekinetic

Aketis, son of Marek Dalcon, twin brother of Acaris

Acaris, son of Marek Dalcon, twin brother of Aketis

Bacarra, brother of Marek Dalcon, strong telekinetic

Urias Beckson – Duke of Beckson

Cristaline Beckson – Heir-apparent, daughter of Urias Beckson

Janus Vogdo – Grand Duke of Otharia, telepath extraordinaire

Henry “Blackheart” Hanover – criminal overlord in London

Munroe – nephew of Henry Hanover, slight telepathic ability

Catiana Spencer – Archeologist at London University