Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Day in the Life of Dave

Here's my co-writer's first contribution to our blog. Remember he's a retired Marine. Enjoy walking in Dave's shoes.

How do you get rid of a pain-in-the-ass co-worker? Can't shoot ‘em, so what’s left? I can only recommend that you take a moment to reflect on my experience before you decide how you would handle your own situation.

Brief story – I had a nagging co-worker who seemed to love nothing more than hearing himself speak. One morning, he cornered me and started his nonsensical babble. I was already stressed out and had no time or patience to be ‘politically correct’ with him. So, in my typical ‘retired jarhead’ fashion, I told him to leave me alone. I suggested a place for him to go and even what he could do when he got there. He stopped talking and stared at me a moment, then turned around and left, just as I wanted him to. Problem solved.

So you can imagine my dilemma 2 weeks later when I needed his support for a job I had to do. I tried everything I could think NOT to go and ask him for help. I could just imagine what he would say, “Why don’t you go to ….”. In the end, I had no choice but to ask for his help. Imagine my surprise when he readily agreed to help, with no accompanying malice or ill will. In the end, after a successful job, I was thinking what I had said to him that fateful morning and that maybe, just maybe, I might have reacted too quickly and a little too harshly. So I thought about it for awhile and then said to myself…

“Aw, fuck him, the job’s finished.”

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  1. Your conclusion is correct. This is my attitutde...I get paid to do my job and lots of times that involves working with others I wouldn't otherwise allow in my life. So I let them know up front that I'm paid to work with them and vice versa. I am not paid to like them or be their friend. I am a very busy person. Many times I end up doing their work as well as my own giving me even more reason not to like them. So we each do what we're supposed to and go home. As long as they follow that rule peace reigns in the office. If they don't I have a lot of very subtle ways to make them sorry until they learn. I've worked a long time to earn the title of 'Supreme Bitch' and I'm not going to give it up. So hang in there buddy. You did him a favor by pointing out how annoying he is...others may be grateful to you for that.