Friday, April 23, 2010

Ebooks on Sale at Smashwords

Dave and I would like to offer our fans discounts on some of our books. This offer is for a limited time only.

"The Path to War," and "The Right Path," novellas in the DARK FUTURE series are FREE over at Smashwords.

Synopsis for Path to War: In a last attempt to turn the tide in a desperate war, General Matthew Smith of the American Freedom Fighters asks Master Samurai Kenzo and his unit of warriors to make a batch of the ultimate weapons. Memory weapons infuse its user with the skills and memories of a master warrior. But, will the cost be too high when the weapons fall into the hands of a unit of unstable augmented soldiers?

Synopsis for Right Path: Abraham "Ham" Jones, a cripple, and Zia Slate, a tomboy with an attitude, find themselves unlikely partners In this post apocalyptic tale of survival. Their lives are irrevocably changed when they encounter a mysterious old man bearing gifts - a cane for Ham and a knife for Zia. Nothing is as it seems and they must fight for their lives when it's discovered they have 2 legendary memory weapons.


"The Quest for Nobility," Book 1 and "The Crystal Facade," Book 2 in THE RULE OF OTHARIA series are both now priced at $.99.

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