Friday, May 28, 2010

Interview with Maureen Miller

Next up is Maureen Miller. Maureen writes romantic suspense. Welcome Maureen!

Briefly describe your journey in writing your first book.

My journey for writing my first book scoped many years. WIDOW'S TALE was actually an 8-page short story in English class in high school--back in the day you used to hitch your horse to the post out in front of the school and then go into the one room building and sit next to Laura Ingalls. MANY years later, I couldn't get the characters or the setting out of my head and it evolved into over 300 pages and a Golden Heart nomination.

Did you query agents or traditional publishers before publishing on Amazon?

After the Golden Heart people wanted to look at it, but I was told it was too long for Harlequin and too short for mainstream. I tried making it longer. I tried making it shorter. I'm flexible. But alas, with Kindle it was just right.

What factors influenced your decision to self-publish?

As we all do, I had grown frustrated and just given up on the notion. But God bless family and friends. They never give up on you.

Will you try to garner a traditional publishing contract for any future books?

Call me silly, but yes, I'd still love the concept of walking into a store and seeing my book there, so yes, I still make efforts, but with the books I currently have on Amazon...heck...they keep me busy!

Did you design your cover art? If not, would you care to share your graphic designer’s information?

I had always been concerned about rights and 'stock' photos that claimed to be free for download. I ended up so paranoid that I simply used my own pictures for my covers. Unfortunately, this means that if I write a romantic suspense set in Antarctica, I'm going to have to go there and take a picture! Nothing says romantic suspense like a penguin digging a hole in the snow.

How did you feel when you got your first sale? Are you pleased with sales so far?

My first sale was our very own Edward Patterson! I've known Ed many years in this little 'Indie' world of ours. And yes, it was a day that will go down in infamy for me. Since those days in '08, sales have picked up tremendously. Sometimes it really takes time for your books to worm their way through the industry.

What kinds of social media [twitter, facebook, webpage, blog, writing forums] are you involved with trying to garner attention for your book(s)?

My website (, Facebook, my blog, a billboard on I-77 (ha, ha, just kidding).

Yes, I'm like pollen. You'll find me everywhere.

Besides Amazon, are there any other sites where your books are for sale?

My books are available at Smashwords, and subsequently Barnes and Noble, Kobo, directly from my website (if you want an autographed copy!)

What’s next for you?

Currently I'm working on “Eye of the Sun,” a romantic adventure set in the Guatemalan jungle.


  1. Can't wait till "Eye of the Sun" is out. Love your books! Have you gone to Guatemala for the picture of this book?

  2. That, or I can go in my back yard and snap a shot. The grass is a little high. :)

  3. Hey, grass is grass. Can't really tell the difference if it's in your backyard or the jungle!


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