Saturday, August 28, 2010

I'm Blown Away - Awesome 5 Star Review for THE RIGHT PATH

Our novelette THE RIGHT PATH, one of the Dark Future stories, has recently gotten a make over - ahh...shiny new cover from the artistic talents of Ronnell D Porter.  I sent Ronnell the story so he could get a feel for our bleak post-apocalyptic world and his cover depiction is spot on. Here's the new cover:

It's awesome, right?  Dave and I are both thrilled with it.  End of story, thank you Ronnell - right?  No, not the end of the story.  You can imagine my surprise when this morning my google alerts picks up a new review posted for the story.  What can I say?  I'm totally blown away and I'm walking around on Cloud 9.  Even my husband was impressed and he's used to me prattling on about our writing.  I'll share a small excerpt here, but the full review can be read here:

Review Excerpt:  The last time I've seen an extraordinary example of the spectra of the human machine, from the darkest shade of cruelty to the lightest shade of kindness and charity, was when I saw the film 'Blindness' a few years ago. THE RIGHT PATH is a poetic start to an epic journey of reviving humanity. 
5 Stars across the board. If novelettes could be nominated for Oscars, this would be in the category.