Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Release - Guardian of the Mountain by David Dalglish

My author buddy, David Dalglish and I have a running joke – I’m the “unofficial David Dalglish.”  Not me personally, but my blog.  Because I've featured David on my blog a few times both with an author interview and a review of one of his books, the Two Ends of the Pen webpage consistently came up when readers did a google search for the “official website David Dalglish.”  We had a good laugh about that and then David figured it was time he had his own website.  It’s actually called “Official Website of David Dalglish” so I guess I can no longer claim that title, but I'm still happy to feature his new releases.  So without further adieu, here’s David to talk about his newest book:  “Guardian of the Mountain.”

Back in high school, I remember watching a top ten countdown of the best horror movies. Having never really read or watched much horror at the time, I was fascinated. I decided I wanted to try and write the best horror story ever by combining all the similar aspects that each movie had. Stranded in the middle of nowhere? Check. Vicious, unstoppable monster? Check. Lots of darkness? Check. Creepy young girl? Check.

Of course, I stuck the story in a fantasy setting, since that's what I *was* reading at the time. The story came out pretty good, and more importantly, it began what would later become my first novel. I was so proud of that story.

And then my hard drive crashed, and me being the brilliant man I am, had no backup. Gone. So now here I am, ten years later, thinking I've actually learned a few things (mainly back up your dang stories). So I took a stab at the story once more. An added bonus for anyone who's read my other works: Mira from my Half-Orc Series is first introduced here, giving some background on a character I probably failed to really do justice so far in my series.

But forget all that. This story is horror. And fantasy. The mountain is full of gold, but its Guardian won't let the riches be stolen so easily...

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