Monday, November 1, 2010

BOOK GIVEAWAY - "Bedtime Stories" by Joel Arnold

November is here and that means 3 BOOK GIVEAWAYS!  The first contest features Joel Arnold. Joel is offering a HARD COPY of Bedtime Stories for the Apocalypse and a limited edition HARD COPY of Tales Held Hostage.

If you like horror, here's your chance to win free books.  It’s easy to enter, click on “Follow” this blog [right after the interviews], and leave your email in the comments section by Friday, November 5, 2010 at midnight.  [This contest is open to US and Canadian entries only.] The winner will be notified by email.

Bedtime Stories for the Apocalypse
Got your nightlight on?
A man journeys with a pregnant stranger, while unseen aliens deal out punishment from above.
A phone call in the middle of the night reminds someone of a chilling mission.
A priest's skin oozes a healing elixir.
Are your blankets pulled up tight?
A self-absorbed husband monitors the end of his existence over the internet.
A teenager digs through a deep crust of waste and bone to win his freedom.
A school field trip reveals a disturbing method for protecting our children.
Are all your doors locked?

If so, then perhaps you're ready for Bedtime Stories for the Apocalypse.

Joel Arnold lives in Minnesota with his wife and two kids. His work has appeared in over sixty publications, ranging from Weird Tales to American Road Magazine. He recently received a 2010 Minnesota Artists Initiative grant, as well as the 2010 Gulliver Travel and Research Grant from the Speculative Literature Foundation. You can check out his blog at

Armchair Interviews:
"Arnold has a deft touch with horror that will leave a chill in your spine, but without the violence and gore of much modern horror. The stories remind me of Ray Bradbury at his darkest with their ability to play on the difference between what we know might happen and what we want to happen. These are complex tales with layers below the surface enjoyment of a story well written."

D.L. Russell, editor of Strange, Weird & Wonderful Magazine:
"Joel Arnold is the real deal. He elicits a subtle element of terror and justice through his writing, delivered without a heavy hand. His exceptional imagery effects readers in a way that leaves them chilled and disturbed; causing the kind of behavior that will leave friends asking "what's bothering you," for days afterwards."

Kindle version:

Publisher Sam's Dot Publishing:


  1. Would love to win as I went to college with Joel-he is a twisted individual for sure! hahaha

  2. I'd love to win this! I've followed and here is my email:

  3. Read this on Kindle, but it'd be spiffy to have in print, that's for sure.

  4. What great prizes! Good luck! (to me, I guess...)