Thursday, January 6, 2011

Review of The Zagzagel Diaries: BROKEN by Bryl R. Tyne

Available from Untreed Reads Publishing

5 of 5 stars

I received a review copy from the publisher.

Did you ever inhale sharply, but were afraid to let it out.  That’s what happens when reading The Zagzagel Diaries.  You’re just not sure what is going to happen next and so you hold your breath in anticipation.  This review is for the fifth story, BROKEN, which follows our resident guardian angel, Zag, as he goes about his duties watching over his human wards. 

Zagzagel has been avoiding Big Papa.  He is supposed to ascend to Heaven giving a report after each assignment, but something is happening to Zag.  What is it though?  Why is he fighting with Big Papa?  After much contemplation, Zag realizes he’s tired and worn out emotionally.  Is that even possible?  Do angels feel emotions?  These questions consume Zag while looking after his current ward, Chloe, a bit of a misfit teenager with a bad heart.  Chloe has a special gift. With a single touch she can see you to the core of your soul, certainly not something everyone could handle, but Zag finds comfort in it.  Could this 14 year-old girl really know him better than Big Papa HIMSELF.  Before Zag can think about the significance of this, Big Papa confronts him about his disobedience.  What happens next is unthinkable.  Remember that breath you were holding in?  Maybe you should let it out now, but not before you let the full impact of this story sink in.

With only one story left in this series, I will be very sad to see the series end.  That’s how exquisite these stories are.  I tip my hat to you Bryl.  You are a master storyteller.