Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Today's Sponsor: LISTEN TO YOUR HEART by Margaret Lake

Book Blurb:
World War I - Lena Manning is barely 20 years old and already a war widow with a baby on the way. Her church takes care of her, gives her employment and wraps her in its secure world. When the bishop appoints a new pastor, a young, handsome widower, she is forced to seek other employment to avoid any hint of scandal. 

Her new job as social secretary to the wife of a wealthy New York banker thrusts her into a seductive world of money and privilege. When the son of the house pursues her, he awakens feelings she thought long dead. 

Can she survive his secrets or will fear send her running back to the security of her church and the pastor who waits for her there?

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Jeffry Hepple:  In post World-War-I New Jersey, a young widow struggles to provide the best life for her infant daughter while being courted by a small town minister and a rich New York socialite.  I was privileged to be a beta reader of this novel and consider it Margaret Lake's best work. 

Author bio:

I was born on the Jersey Shore and lived there until my teens when my family moved to Florida. I raised two children in The Sunshine State, and they have, in turn, given me two beautiful grandchildren.

The urge to write was a vague itch for a long time. Unlike a lot of authors, I didn't start scribbling stories about bunny rabbits in my early years. It was more of an “I read so much I don't know why I can't write” kind of thing.

Then my son-in-law bought me a new computer on which I spent many happy hours playing golf. One day, he said if he'd known I was just going to use it to play games, he'd have bought me an Atari. Kind of embarrassing, really.

I went to sleep that night with his words ringing in my ears. They rang so loudly, they woke me up at 3:00 am with the idea for a novel fully formed in my head. I fired up the computer, started writing, and Ariana's Pride was born … or at least conceived.

Four months of intense writing day and night, when I wasn't at the day job, and the first draft was finished. Two months later, the second draft was finished and I sent it out for proofing. Then came the rounds of rejections followed by the decision to be content with the fact that I'd done it. I'd written a novel that I was proud of.

Ariana sat on a floppy disk for a long time until I discovered the Kindle. Then the idea came to publish it myself. With the help of Jeff Hepple of Elisco Publishing, my dream became a reality. Within the first month of publication, Ariana's Pride rose as high as #444 in the Kindle Store.

From Ariana's Pride came Catherine and the Captain. Then I thought I would take a break from medieval England and try my hand at shorter stories with a lot of emotional depth. The results are Of Love and War and Only In My Dreams.

I haven't abandoned historical fiction/romance. I'm currently writing the third in the medieval series as well as a novel set just after WW I.  My love of historical fiction/romance began with the Angelique series by Sergeanne Golon. Then I read Catherine by Anya Seton and I was hooked on the Lancasters.

My favorite author is Susan Howatch, both her historical fiction and series on the Church of England. My favorite series is Harry Potter and my favorite book is Outlander by Diana Gabaldon.