Sunday, February 20, 2011

When is it Too Much of a Good Thing?

Sundays are usually dedicated to something called #samplesunday.  For those of you who aren't on twitter, the hashmark in front of sample sunday helps those who want to read all the posts for a particular topic find them at once. The alternative is going through your main twitter stream which can be daunting if you have a lot of followers.

The idea behind sample sunday was the brainchild of David Wisehart of the Kindle Author blog. The thinking was that if every author posted an excerpt of their novel on the website or blog, then twitter followers could sample a variety of them easily. If the sample intrigued them, it might even result in a sales or two for the author.

This idea has worked very well for the past couple of months, but unfortunately to me, all those #samplesunday tweets and retweets by authors and their friends just seem like spam now.  Every Sunday my main twitter stream is filled with nothing but #samplesunday tweets.

So I've decided to take a few weeks off from #samplesunday.  If anyone happens upon my blog and is interested in reading excerpts from my books, I have a dedicated Sample Sunday Excerpts page up in the top green menu bar.

Happy Reading!


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