Saturday, February 26, 2011

Who Owns Who?

Last fall I was laid up with a back injury for 4 1/2 months and spent most of that time in bed.  That made my kitties very happy.  They got plenty of lap time and lovings.  Now I'm feeling better, but still need to rest my back as much as possible.  I bring my laptop to bed and try to do some writing or posts for the blog.  This working thing does not make Crystal very happy.  She was used to having my entire lap to herself and now she has to share with a machine.  Here she is with that look of indignation:

I have learned to type around her.  Really?  I type around my cat???? So I ask you - who owns who?


  1. That's why I have turtles as pets. Not really a question about 'who owns who' with them. ;)

  2. Terry, that's so funny! I couldn't give up my "girls" though even if they own the place.

    Never had a turtle. I think Isabelle, my Norwegian Forest Cat, would torture it relentlessly.

    Oh well, 3 cats is enough for pets for now.


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