Sunday, March 6, 2011

#SampleSunday - Divided Paths, CRYSTAL FACADE

Today's Sample Sunday excerpt has Darius talking to his cousin Ty about the dangerous trip to Earth that his sister, Dyla, is determined to go on.  Her plans of taking Eclair with her instead Darius has Ty extremely worried.

Chapter 5 – Divided Paths

The sun was touching the western horizon when Ty walked into Darius’ private study.
“Hey Ty.  How’d you get away this time?” Daruis asked.  “This is the second time in two days your councilors have released you from their grasps.”
Ty plopped himself down in one of the over stuffed chairs before answering.
“Really, do you think anyone can tell me what to do?”
“As a matter of fact, yes.”
Ty shrugged.
“You’re right.  I told my councilors that I was coming to see Trinity.  That’s the only way I got out of there.  There was another stack of petitions that needed my attention, but I’ll deal with those later.  My councilors are great, but they’re relentless.  Some days I don’t know how they do it.”
“I know.  Running a duchy is much harder than I thought.  My father made it look effortless.”
“I guess we both should have paid more attention during those lessons.”
“You’re probably right.”
Both young men lapsed into quiet contemplation at the mention of their fathers, each lost in their own thoughts.  It was Darius who first broke the silence.
“Trinity should be off duty soon.  You’re welcome to sit here until she comes back.”
“Thanks.  Most generous of you cousin,” Ty chuckled.  “But seriously, while we wait for Trinity, I want to talk to you about this trip to Earth.”
“So do I,” Darius said, his demeanor changing.
Ty leaned forward.
“I’m deeply concerned about these three going back to Earth alone.  It was bad enough when you were with them, but without you?  I don’t know.  I have grave reservations.”
“I understand, but I can assure that they could have no greater protection than Eclair.”
“Eclair?” Ty scoffed.  “Darius please, Eclair’s my friend too and I know about his trick of bending light, but we’re talking about their very lives being at stake.  It’ll be incredibly dangerous for them.  This Blackheart guy will be on the lookout for them this time.”
“I know, but I stand by what I said.  Eclair is the one to pull it off.”
“How can you be so confident?”
“Ty, you haven’t seen Eclair in tight situations like I have.  He’s no longer the pushover you knew in school.  He’s powerful beyond all reckoning.  I don’t think even he knows the depth of his power.  Gods help us all if he ever turned evil.  There would be no stopping him.”
“I’m sorry, I just don’t see him that way.  I’ve known Eclair too long to have that level of confidence in him.”
Suddenly, Ty felt a tightening around his arms.  It quickly spread over his entire body until he was completely paralyzed.  Within seconds, he found himself rising and spinning around in mid air.
“Hey! What’s going . . .”
Ty’s voice stopped in mid-sentence.
Eclair stood in the doorway of the study, focusing on Ty, his head slightly bent as he concentrated.
Darius sat up straighter in his chair.  This was a new trick that even he had not seen yet.
Dyla was standing behind Eclair.  She gently touched his arm.
“Eclair, enough.  I’m sure they get the point.”
Eclair looked up and flashed a boyish grin at Ty.  He winked at Dyla and they both walked into the room.
“Still have no confidence in my abilities to protect the group?” Eclair asked.
He released Ty’s voice and slowly lowered him back into the chair.
“Damn you, Eclair,” Ty shouted, indignantly.  “Release me at once.”
Eclair stood in front of Ty releasing the invisible bonds that held him.
“Why did you do that?”
“To convince you,” Eclair said, deadly serious.
Ty was stunned.  Darius was right.  Eclair was powerful beyond reckoning.
“I knew what you were doing and yet I couldn’t stop you.  I’ve never felt such power.”
“You haven’t seen anything yet.  Would you like to see more?”
Ty held his hands up in surrender.
“Stop.  Please no more.  I’m convinced.”
“Fair enough.”
Eclair gave Ty a mock bow and walked over to the empty chair next to Dyla and sat down.  She reached over and gave his hand a quick squeeze.
“Pretty good, huh?” he said.
“All right you two, enough fun and games.  We have business to discuss tonight.  Let’s get to it,” Darius said trying hard not to laugh.

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