Thursday, April 28, 2011

Statistics for Two Ends of the Pen

I think most bloggers would agree that they want their blogs to be of interest to their followers.  I strive to schedule a diverse group of posts--hopefully, something of interest to everyone.  Every now and then I post the statistics.  I like to know how I'm doing and perhaps some of you do as well.

Here's the stats for Audience.  A hearty welcome to all my international followers. Last month I had over 6800 page views. To say the least, I was thrilled!

And here are the stats for the panel discussions from the day they were posted:

Thank you to all my followers who keep coming back every day.  I hope that you continue to find Two Ends of the Pen an interesting site to visit.


  1. That's a good number of views. Hope it continues to climb!

  2. Thanks Terry! I hope it does too.

    BTW, how's the sequel to Flank Hawk coming?