Thursday, May 19, 2011

Maureen Miller, 1 Year Later

How have things changed for you in the past year?
I have two more wrinkles and perhaps two more pounds around the waistline. I have also had the tremendous opportunity to be published through Carina Press, which has not only given me the opportunity to showcase my writing in front of a broader audience, but also introduced me to so many new friends and peers in the industry.

What kind of marketing did you do to get your book in front of readers?
I have been an active participant on Kindle Boards for several years, a site that hosts dedicated readers and authors that are all so very supportive.  I am active on blogs and I have a decal on the side of my car that says, “Read my book and I’ll wash your car.”

Do you have an agent now?  
No. Not at this time.

Do you have a publishing contract for your current book?  
Yes, I am published with Carina Press, Harlequin’s digital press.

Did they contact you directly or through an agent?
I received the call from none other than Angela James herself, the executive editor for Carina Press.

Is it for more than 1 book?
No, currently it is just for Endless Night, however I am busy at work on a follow up.

Have you written your next book?
Yes, I have completed the first draft and am fiercely editing as we speak.

Will you still self-publish?  
 There are times when your inner-author decides to write a genre or a subject that publishers might feel is not marketable, so I always see self-publishing as being an option.

How are your self- published titles doing?
Very well. I understand that they may not be as polished as my published book so I compensate by offering them at .99 cents each. Two of my self-published novels have been in the top 100 Kindle romantic suspense books for several months.

Any advice for newbie authors?
Don’t write for the money. Don’t write material you think people will like. Write from the heart. Even if you are writing a story about a woman, a whale and a grasshopper…it needs to entertain you before it could ever entertain others.

As a programmer, I felt that the natural next step in my career was to write romance. Seriously, the romance writer was always there inside me, programming just paid the bills.  We all have that little muse hiding inside us that wants to come out and dazzle the world with some form of artistry.  My inner muse finally came out and produced a Golden Heart nominee in Romantic Suspense.  Since that, I never looked back and kept on writing.  


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