Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kitty Funnies: Oh No, It Comes!

I bring you another day in the life of Isabelle - aka Baby Monster. As you will soon see from reading below, it really is best to pay attention to her WHEN she wants it.

So here I am working away. Yes, I know, doesn't look like I'm working that hard, but I have a back injury so I get a little slack here. Next to me is the sweetest cat ever, Crystal.  Happy scene right?

Then we both heard it - THUMP THUMP THUMP, THUD!!! Yep, you guessed it. My non-Norwegian-speaking Norwegian Forest Cat has decided she is going to come and see what is going on.

Hi Momma, look at me! I'm so cute.
Well, I was right in the middle of editing a scene so I didn't immediately stop what I was doing and pet and scratch my little darling. So, she got a little closer.

Meow, Meow! I want head scratches NOW!
Being the silly human that I am, I didn't pay attention to my Baby Monster when she got up from my right side and walked up my left side.  Before I could say, Nooooooooooooo....

What's this? Let me pull this to me and chump on it!
She had bitten through the wire of the Belkin cooling pad! First, I was like "ISABELLE" in that stern voice and then I just laughed because she went down to the bottom of the bed and got down to kitty business like nothing had happened.

Ow, I got an itch!

Time for a little clean-up!

Oh man, I'm exhausted! Need to catch some zzzzz.....

And there you have it - another kitty adventure in the life of Isabelle and Crystal (by default). I have learned to pay attention the first time Isabelle comes up on the bed especially if I'm working on my computer.  Either that or I'm going to be buying an awful lot of cooling pads!  If you have cats, you'll totally understand the comic relief in all this.  And if you don't have kitties, you just don't know what you're missing!

Stay tuned - I'm sure it won't be long before there will be another adventure from the Baby Monster!  Feel free to share your kitty stories in the comments and give us all more laughs.

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