Saturday, August 20, 2011

Review: NO REST FOR THE WICCA by Toni LoTempio

3 of 5 stars

Morgan Hawkes, a PSI investigator, spends her time helping ghosts cross over to the next plane although daemons don't always want to leave.  Some jobs are harder than others and Morgan takes her fair share of lumps. When she is asked to join a Special Forces investigation into the killing of witches, she turns it down. She doesn't want to work Cole St. John, the hunky sexy Inheritor Vampire in charge of the case. However, when her cousin Xia is attacked, Morgan changes her mind and joins the investigation. The race is on to catch a serial killer bent on targeting full-blooded witches.

The story is predictable--tough, cynical Morgan who's angry at the world because of a mistake she made that cost her partner her life  is romanced by the gorgeous vamp while they continually snipe at each other during the investigation. There are some nice twists in the story, but I knew who the bad guys were half-way through the book.  I also found the term half-wicca that Morgan used to describe herself annoying and unhelpful. What's half-Wicca? You only follow half the practices? I would have preferred to see the term half-witch instead.

Combining the voodoo and wicca practice kept my interest throughout the book. The author did a decent job with Morgan's character, but I would have loved to see more depth to Cole's character. There were a few teasers about his past that piqued my interest.  Unfortunately, the book was filled with typos and wrong names during crucial scenes which jarred me out of the story.  This book could definitely use the eyes of a good editor. Also, not sure what the author was thinking about in using this cover image. In my opinion, it does not convey what the book is about.

Readers of paranormal fiction should enjoy this story. It's a quick and easy read.

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