Sunday, September 18, 2011

Review: HIDE & SEEK: A Murder Mystery by Thomas Kaplan-Maxfield

5 of 5 stars

When I agreed to review "Hide & Seek," I had no idea what to expect. Mysteries is not a genre that I usually read so I thought why not branch out a bit and try one. I can tell you that I was not disappointed. "Hide & Seek" is a classy story, literary. The main characters are from the high brow section of Boston known as Beacon Hill.  I could relate to the descriptions and locations being so familiar with Boston myself.

This murder mystery starts off backwards. We know who the killer is, one David Draper, but it is the way the author weaves the story through so many twists and turns that keeps you interested. You feel David's remorse and guilt over what he has done and his trepidation of being questioned by the police for Melanie Carson's murder. The police have no evidence though and David  is not considered a suspect, that is, until he is invited by his sister to go on a murder mystery weekend at an historic hotel on a tiny island off Cape Cod.  He is convinced that one of the guests knows his secret and is using the murder mystery weekend to flesh him out.

"Hide & Seek" is a psychologically suspenseful story at its best. It seems that every one of the guests knew Melanie Carson and David is convinced that they all know his secret, but do they? Or is there another reason why this group of 9 people have been gathered together for this particular murder mystery weekend?

Just when you think you have everything figured out, the masterful Mr. Kaplan Maxfield throws another curve ball.  You won't know the truth until the story ends. If you're a mystery reader, you'll definitely want to read this one and NO peeking at the last page.  Recommended.

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