Monday, September 12, 2011

Review: WIRED by Douglas Richards

5 of 5 stars

Have you ever wondered what you would do if you had a chance to enhance your intelligence significantly? What if you could double your lifespan? Would you? These are the questions that brilliant scientist, Kira Miller, is working on in her genetic research, but when a trail of bodies start to pile up around her, she becomes enemy #1 in the eyes of the government.  David Desh, a former special-forces soldier, is called in for one more mission. Problem is, this mission is totally off the books. David must rely on his own training and intuition to catch this elusive genius.  David has been told that Kira is working with terrorists on a bio-terror plot that threatens millions, but not everything is as it seems. Who is telling the truth and who is really behind the bio-terror plot?

Mr. Richards weaves a story full of deception, intrigue, betrayal and a mystery that becomes more complicated with each turn of the page. The author draws you in with each little clue. The characters of Miller and Desh are superbly written and the author makes you feel that you’re seeing and feeling everything through their eyes. 

It’s a cat and mouse game played by two clever players. Who will come out of top? Is there a top to come out on? Just when you think you’ve got the players figured out, another twist is thrown into the mix.  Are things really as black and white as the government claims? Is the government exaggerating Kira’s threat to national security or is she being set up and she’s really everything and more that one human being could aspire to be.  The science is mind-boggling and makes you think about what breakthroughs are really possible in today’s genetic research. This thriller is non-stop action and will satisfy readers of both thrillers and mysteries.  A must read. Highly Recommended.


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