Tuesday, October 18, 2011


4 of 5 stars

Nineteen-year-old Savanna Langford has everything she has ever wanted. Her childhood was perfect. Her parents are perfect; she is set to marry the perfect man. But, is it too much perfection? What has she ever done on her own? An hour before her perfect fairytale wedding, everything feels like a crushing weight. Savanna is suffocating. She feels like she has no choice. She abandons everything and everyone and runs away.

Life is messy and, sometimes, it takes more courage to face what you’ve run away from, and that’s exactly what Savanna has decided to do. She returns to her small hometown of Fulton after six years. In the interim, she has put herself through college and is the owner of a successful marketing/fundraising business. She’s not a sheltered teenager anymore, but a confident young woman. That is, until she meets her former flame, Daniel Walsh.

The book explores not only fears, but also, the consequences of ones actions and how they affect everyone around you. The author does a good job of portraying Savanna. I understood her reasons for what she has done and the need to confront her past, but I did not feel the same connection to Daniel. Here is a young man who was jilted at the altar, had some unexpected things thrown his way and struggles to get through one day at a time. Adding Savanna back into the mix certainly should have added some explosive sparks to the book. Unfortunately, that didn’t seem to happen. Daniel seemed to have only two emotions throughout the story: defensive or sweet, without much in-between.

The writing is clear and concise and has a nice flow to it. I read the story in two sittings, and I did enjoy it. It is a feel-good story with a satisfying ending that romance fans will love.

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