Friday, October 14, 2011

Spotlight: MAN OF STEEL by Dave Conifer

Book Blurb:
When twenty-something journalist Joe Jonas is sent to cover a press conference in Texas he figures it’s just another crackpot JFK assassination conspiracy theory. But as he’s half-assing through the legwork he stumbles across something that makes him realize this one might be for real. It gets even better when Abby Reno, a saucy reporter from Austin, insists on working on the story with him.

As Jonas and Reno circle closer to the plot they come to realize that the protectors of the secrets are still on the job and they don’t take prisoners. The bodies pile up while the reporters look over their shoulders wondering if the story of the century is worth their lives. 

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Author bio:
Dave Conifer, a fitness fanatic who lives in Southern New Jersey, has authored seven books including three YA, three thrillers and a satirical comedy.