Saturday, November 5, 2011

Review: BULLET FOR ONE by Brian Drake

3 of 5 stars

Private investigator John Coburn is one hardboiled tough guy. When he finds out his friend Felix has been murdered, he will not let anything or anyone stand in his way of finding the killer.  He keeps the police and the FBI at bay while he searches for clues on his own.

The action is nonstop in the book and I read it in 2 sittings. The author certainly knows how to keep you intrigued. With each clue that Coburn uncovers, many more questions pop up. Coburn is like a bloodhound on the trail. He will never give up until he finds those who are responsible for killing his friend. I enjoyed the fact that Coburn was not invincible. He took a fair number of lumps in the story and that added to the believability of the story. 

Unfortunately, the book was also riddled with typos. They kept jarring me out of the story and definitely lessened my enjoyment of the book. A good editor or a few more beta readers could certainly catch those. I thoroughly enjoy the writing of Mr. Drake. This is the third story I’ve read by him. Although I think the stories could use a bit more polish, I enjoy his staccato writing style and will certainly read his next novel as well.

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