Saturday, February 18, 2012

How much is too much #Marketing?

Being an indie author has both perks and a downside.  The best part is having complete control over your books, where you publish them and how often you publish them. Amazon now has the Kindle Lending Library that gives authors 5 free days every 3 months to pulse their books free.  There are so many things that I love about being an indie author, it's hard to list them all.

But, there is a definite downside and that is, the marketing piece.  As an indie author, you are responsible for getting the word out about your books.  It's good strategy to have a blog, Facebook account, and a Twitter account. There's also Google+, Triberr and Pinterest.

I have an account at Google+, but honestly, I haven't done much with that. I have no interest in joining Pinterest. This week I joined Triberr to see if I could expand my blog readership. You join a tribe and it's kind of a "pay it forward" place. Your blog posts import into your tribal stream and the other members tweet it for you.  My responsibility is to check the tribal stream for other tribal member's posts and decide whether or not  to re-tweet them based on whether it would be of interest to my twitter followers.  

All this social media activity definitely cuts into my writing time. It's a constant struggle to get the word out about my books and still have time to write new stories.  Some days I only have time for social media. The blog takes up most of my time. I try to blog about subjects that will keep my readers coming back day after day.  

So, how do you handle everything? Do you have a dedicated time put aside each day for writing and one for your social media activities?