Thursday, February 16, 2012

Review: STALKING SHADOWS by Regan Black

4 of 5 stars

Trina Durham has one thing on her mind: revenge. She’s out to kill Slick Micky for the murder of her childhood friend, Joel. She’s an assassin with a unique ability to induce hallucinations, both horrifying and wonderful, in those around her and she plans on using it to find the Chicago mob boss.

Slick Micky is the king of smuggling in 2096 Chicago. He deals only in non-lethal contraband like coffee and sugar and delivers always and on time.  He’s a master of illusion and only a few know his real identity, but someone wants to topple his empire. He has a loyal team that surrounds him and no one has been able to reach him, until now.

Micky’ and Trina’s worlds are about to collide in this dark urban thriller.  The plot moves along quickly as the author peels back the layers surrounding these two people--who they really are and what makes them tick. Intrigue, suspense and a simmering romance makes STALKING SHADOWS an excellent read. Fans of thrillers and romance will definitely want to pick up this title.