Monday, March 5, 2012

Spotlight: WAITING ON HOPE by T.M. Souders

Book Blurb:
Ten years ago, Lexie Dodson fled her home in rural Ohio, leaving behind a heartbroken brother and abandoning a devastated fiancĂ©. While chasing her desire of a fast paced life in the city, and the obscurity of urban life, she is shaken to her very core by an act of violence that leaves her betrayed, broken, and pregnant—and with nowhere to go but home. Seeking refuge and facing gut wrenching decisions, she is confronted not only with the past she left behind, but also with a love that never died—a love waiting for something to stoke the flames.

Told from the perspective of four characters, Waiting on Hope will stay with you well after the last page has been turned.

Author Bio:
T.M. Souders was born in Johnstown, PA and grew up in a suburb outside of Pittsburgh. She graduated in 2004, from Youngstown State University, with a degree in Psychology and minor in Women's Studies. She is the author of bestselling women's fiction novel, Waiting on Hope, as well as the holiday novelette Dashing Through The Snow. Her young adult novel, Freedom Road, is to be released by the end of the year. She currently lives in rural Ohio with her husband and children. 

She loves hearing from readers, so feel free to contact her.

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