Friday, June 1, 2012

Quick read for the weekend, LOVE BY CHANCE

The time for this short story in the Kindle Lending Library is coming to an end. Happy Reading!

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When Alysa Stevens receives an invitation to attend the social event of the season, a Masquerade Ball, she thinks it's the perfect time to finally kick back and enjoy herself. After all, no one knows who she really is. The invitation came to her business persona, Mr. Al Stevens, but is that ploy about to backfire?

At the ball, she's immediately swept off her feet by a sexy stranger dressed as the Musketeer d'Artagnan. He sets her heart on fire, but he leaves abruptly without ever revealing his name. Will Alysa be able to track down the most handsome man she's ever met without a single clue to his identity?

Love by Chance is a short novella ~10,000 words (~50 pages in print).

Other "Love by" romance titles include 2 novellas, LOVE BY SECRETS and LOVE BY MOONLIGHT