Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Review: SHAMAN FRIEND ENEMY by M. Terry Green

5 of 5 stars

This is the second book in the Techno Shaman series and it doesn't disappoint. Olivia (Livvy) Lawson is now the most famous shaman in Los Angeles--she's the lightening shaman. Along with a fellow shaman and friend, Min, and her dwarf intercessor, SK, many are clamoring for her services--to heal their fractured souls, to cast out evil ancestor spirits or to save them from themselves. The paparazzi follow her wherever she goes, but Livvy finds it hard to enjoy her new found success. She is harboring a terrible secret that she dares tell no one and it is leading her into dangerous territory within the spirit world. There are some things that are just forbidden even to the lightening shaman. As if that isn't enough, Livvy is faced with a deadly enemy intent on destroying her. Can the she prevail over this new threat? What will happen to Livvy if she stays on this dangerous path in the spirit world to do what is forbidden to do? And what of those she loves--will she risk everything and lose everyone dear to her?

Ms. Green does an expert job of pulling the reader in with non-stop action starting with the first chapter. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the characters in the story, but most especially, SK. His role has been expanded in this book and his interactions with Livvy will keep you glued to the story. Rounding out the story are Min, Mamacita, and of course, Livvy's newest enemy, Dominque. There are also more characters from the first book making appearances. Through all of the ups and downs that are thrown Livvy's way, she remains true to beliefs--she only wants to help others and nothing will stop her.

Though it is not necessary to read book 1 before picking up this one, I would highly recommend you start with "Shaman, Healer, Heretic" to enjoy the full flavor of the wonderful and engaging spirit world that Ms. Green has created. Recommended.

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