Friday, September 7, 2012

Review: SHINING IN CRIMSON by Robert S Wilson

4 of 5 stars

SHINING IN CRIMSON is a nice departure from the usual vampire books. This one has a unique storyline, one that I enjoyed. The story revolves around Hank Evans who is sentenced to death. Death under the New Empire rules is to be sentenced to Necropolis, the former Las Vegas, now inhabited by vampires. The vampires take care of the criminals and the Empire doesn't waste money on prisons.

Hank doesn't want to die; he has a son who depends on him. Through an unusual event Hank manages to survive those first crucial hours and all he can think about is getting back to Toby, but the very fact that he has survived has now put him in the sight line of both the Emperor and the ruling vampires.

This is an inventive story with characters who are well-fleshed out and will make you care about them - both human and vampire alike. It's a fast read that will keep you guessing as to what happens next. My only criticism is that none of the story lines are wrapped up at the end of the book. It is definitely a cliff hanger.  If you're looking for a engrossing post-apocalyptic tale, you'll not go wrong picking up this one.

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