Monday, December 3, 2012

Character Interview: Eve, the heroine of Hooked: A True Faerie Tale

By Michaelbrent Collings

This is a true faerie tale.  And like all true faerie tales, it is bloody, violent…
And there is no guarantee that good will win in the end.

Those words begin Hooked: A True Faerie Tale.  It’s a book that has been described as “Twilight done right” – a book that has vampires, love triangles, and teen angst.  But no sparkles.

Today I’ve arranged for an interview with the heroine of the book, a high school senior named Eve.  Like most high school seniors she’s very busy, what with school and homework and the whole “vampires trying to woo/kill me” thing, so our time will be short, but we’ll do what we can!

MbC: Hello, Eve!

Eve: Hey.

MbC: First things first: no iPod?

Eve: Can’t afford one.  I live in South Central Los Angeles, and the only kids there who wear iPods are the ones who want to get killed on the way home from school.

MbC: Yikes!  But school is safe at least.

Eve: Sure.  In sorta the same way that East Germany was safe.  Unless you did something wrong.  Or someone thought you did.

MbC: So the administrators are tough?

Eve: Who’s talking about them?  I’m talking the kids.  Cross the wrong guy or girl in my school, you end up in a body bag.

MbC: Huh.  Pleasant.  How’s home life?

[NOTE: at this point Eve begins laughing semi-hysterically and the interview breaks for a few minutes.]

Eve: Sorry about that.  Home is… complicated.  Leave it at that.

MbC: Let’s try a word association thing.  I’m going to say a word, you say the first word that comes to mind, okay?

Eve: Sure, I’m game.

MbC: Danger.

Eve: Life.

MbC: School.

Eve: Fear.

MbC: Home.

Eve: Trouble.

MbC: Father.

Eve: Gone.

MbC: Mother.

[NOTE: Eve is silent, refusing to answer.]

MbC: Let’s try another one.  Vampire.

Eve: Complicated.

MbC: You want to elaborate?

Eve: Not really.  You wouldn’t understand, or believe it if you did.  Suffice it to say that nothing – nothing – of what you’ve heard about vampires is 100% correct, either for good or for bad.  They’re far worse than you know, but not for the reasons you might expect.

MbC: But isn’t there good in them?  I’ve heard that some might have feelings for –

Eve: This interview’s over.

[Eve stands to leave.]

MbC: Wait!  Just one more question I have to ask!

[Eve pauses.]

MbC: What do you think about sparkly vampires?

[Eve laughs and leaves.]

And there you have it, folks.  I tried to arrange a follow-up interview, but she’s since dropped off the face of the earth, as it were.  A complicated lady.  Tough, but I think there was a lot of hope covered over by an armored attitude.  Let’s hope that she can find something to get through that armor.

And that whoever it is… doesn’t just kill her.

Michaelbrent Collings has written numerous bestselling novels and is a produced screenwriter and member of the Writers Guild of America, Horror Writers of America, and a couple of other fancy-sounding things.  His wife and mommy think he is a can that is chock-full of awesome sauce.  His most recent book is Hooked: A True Faerie Tale.   

Check him out at or

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