Friday, December 21, 2012

Do You Believe in Love at First Sight?

You know that feeling—the one where your breath catches and you feel like your insides are fluttering when you meet that special someone.  You get that instant connection and you can’t stop thinking about that person.

Throughout history and especially in fiction, there have been plenty of instances where love at first sight holds true. Here are some instances through the ages.

Romeo and Juliet – these two star-crossed lovers are from rival feuding families and they are caught in the middle of all the chaos of the adults. They meet with a glance across a crowded dance floor and then again, behind a pillar where their hands touch. There’s something so sensual about only be allowed a mere grasp and nothing more, no long slow kisses or loving embraces. When Romeo is banished from the city, Juliet (who is now secretly his wife) cannot live without him and concocts an elaborate scheme so they can be together, but Romeo never receives the letter explaining the plan. Their brief epic romance ends in tragedy for this pair, but there’s no doubt that they found love at first sight.

Tristan and Isolde – the legend of this pair has a kernel of truth to it. Tristan was believed to be a Scottish prince named Drust, but as legends evolve with time, he became Tristan, and the champion to King Mark of Cornwall. As champion, Tristan was sent to Ireland to duel for Isolde’s hand in marriage. He won the duel and brought Isolde back to England to marry the king, but they fell madly in love with each other on the way. Like Romeo and Juliet, this pair would die rather than be separated from one another, but there was no doubt that the legend of Tristan and Isolde was one of an all-encompassing love at first sight.

Not all lovers’ pairing ends in tragedy. There is the love between Wesley and his Buttercup. For those who haven’t seen “The Princess Bride,” this is the story of Buttercup and her farm boy, Wesley. The two fall madly in love with each other, but Wesley must go off to seek his fortune so that he may provide Buttercup with a proper home. Suffice it to say, much happens between the last time these two saw each other to when they are reunited. Although the evil Prince Humperdinck tries everything he knows to keep them apart, true love wins in the end.

In THE SILVER CROSS, Damon Harte and Lacey Gardner have that “once in a lifetime” connection with each other, but will their ‘love at first sight’ endure? Can they put aside their differences? Can they enjoy a "happily ever after" or will they be another tragedy? You can check out the book here:

So what do you think? Has this happened to you? Did you fall in love at first sight or is this only for legends and fairytales?

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  1. Give me some real love stories and I may think so but all the ones you've listed are scripted lol. I personally think is lust at first sight!!! The notion is nice though!