Friday, December 28, 2012



I'm still in the giving mood and want to share the first story in our DARK FUTURE series of short stories and novellas. PATH TO DESTRUCTION invites the reader into a world in chaos, but there is still hope. Is it too late to save the US?
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Can a ragtag band of soldiers save what's left of the USA?

In a last ditch attempt to turn the tide in a desperate war, General Matthew Smith of the American Freedom Fighters asks Samurai Master Kenzu to make a batch of the famed memory weapons--weapons that infuse its user with the skills and memories of a samurai warrior. But, in the wrong hands, the users can become uncontrollable killing machines who don't care whom they kill - friend or foe.

When General Smith orders Commander Hurley and his unit of augmented soldiers test the weapons, he believes that he's doing the best thing for all of the men under his command. What General Smith believes, however, and what is true is entirely two different things and Smith must live with the consequences of his decision.

PATH TO DESTRUCTION is a SHORT STORY of ~10,000 words.

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