Monday, December 17, 2012

Twelve Days of Christmas: NO GOLDEN RINGS

By Rebecca Forster

I love the idea of celebrating the twelve days before Christmas, but I never much liked the idea of waking up to find maids-a-milking in my living room. So I thought I would make up my own list of countdown gifts that are guaranteed to make someone smile.

1) Hold someone’s hand when they least expect it.

2) Write a letter in real handwriting on real paper, and mail it with a real stamp.

3) Tell a joke.

4) Kiss someone with or without mistletoe. Lips, cheek, head, hand all are very nice.

5) Invite someone to your favorite place and tell them why they are there with you .

6) Add an extra ribbon, bell, sprig of holly, or lottery ticket to a package you wrap.

7) Cook something you’ve never cooked before; share it with someone you’ve never shared with before.

8) Choose one person who is not expecting a gift and give them one. Give it too late for them to reciprocate. 

9) Hold a door for someone when you’re the one in a hurry.

10) Talk to someone who lives alone. Not just hello, but a real conversation.

11) Hum a Christmas song close enough so other people can hear  you and then smile when they look your way.

12) Let your spouse sleep late and your kids get up early.

Do you have a gift to give on the 13th day of Christmas? Visit me at, tell me about your gift, and choose the book you’d like my Christmas Elves to send you.

Have a wonderful and blessed holiday.

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  1. aw, what a lovely message! I am going to print your list & put it into practice immediately. TY for such a thoughtful compilation! :)

    PS - I don't know about anyone else, but if elves are sending me a gift, I'm not the sort to be choosy! I'd be grateful for whatever came my way! :)


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