Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Review: BLOOD FAERIE by India Drummond

5 of 5 stars

From the opening pages when we meet Elidh, I was hooked on this story. The writing drew me, but as much as was revealed, more questions were left unanswered and I kept turning the pages to discover the secrets to unraveling the mystery. Why was Elidh exiled? 'A kill on sight' edit from the fae kingdom? My interest was piqued immediately and this story got better and better when she attempts to track the fae killer in a gruesome murder. When she loses the scent of the killer, she reluctantly lets herself be seen by the lead cop on the case, Quinton Munro, but there's something different about Munro. Against her better judgment, Elidh is inexplicitly drawn to Munro.

Two races collide--human and fae--as Elidh and Munro work together to find the killer. The story is one of discovery, sacrifice, acceptance and even a bit of romance. The characters are nicely developed and I definitely felt faerie warrior Saor's disdain for humans as well as Elidh compassion and understanding of them. Her sense of duty to do what's right shines through even for the humans who don't know she exists. When it becomes clear that the only way to defeat the blood faerie is for Elidh to travel to the kingdom of Azure faeries and learn how to control her forbidden magic. Will she return in time to stop the blood faerie from completing a ritual that would make him all-powerful? And what of her budding relationship with Munro? Can they accept their differences and find love? If you enjoy urban fantasy with a mix of intrigue, mystery and romance, be sure to pick this one up.  I will definitely be purchasing more books in the series. Highly Recommended.