Friday, February 22, 2013

New #fantasy Release: INTO A DARK LAND by Walter Shuler

Book blurb:
Book II of The God Wars Trilogy

Narrowly escaping death at the hands of the mad god of death, Conn and his companions have arrived at the court of king Manannan, but safety is scarce even in this blessed realm. Forced to return once more to the mortal world, Conn must struggle to unravel the dark god’s plot amidst a land plunged into chaos and war.

Faced with enemies on all sides, he must join in an uneasy alliance with the few who stand against the tide of madness. He finds new allies and delves deeper into Cernunnos’ machinations, but will it be enough? The gods play the long game, and Conn’s time is running out.

Author bio:
Walter Shuler is a father, husband and fantasy writer, with a deep interest in ancient history and Celtic history in particular. His books Blood and Brass and Gods of Sand and Stone are both available on Amazon.

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