Monday, March 4, 2013

New #Romantic Suspense Release: KISS ME HELLO by L.K. Rigel

Book blurb:
When Sara Blakemore inherits Turtledove Hill, a vineyard on the northern California coast, it's a chance to rebuild a marriage stressed by stalled careers, incompatible schedules, and her husband Bram's infidelity. Excited by new possibilities, Sara dreams of renovating the bungalow-style mansion - and hopefully her relationship too.

Sara's attachment to the place deepens when she discovers the journal of its original owner, Joss Montague, who disappeared years ago after the death of his wife and child. According to local legend, Montague's malicious spirit still haunts the vineyards.

When Sara narrowly escapes death in one freak accident and a vineyard worker is critically injured, Bram blames the ghost; but Montague's journal reveals a sensitive man devastated by loss, and Sara is convinced the accidents were caused by someone very much alive.

Determined to keep both her marriage and her inheritance, Sara must help Montague's spirit rest in peace--and expose whoever is sabotaging Turtledove Hill before someone gets killed.

There was a mystical power in the bell that transcended the worlds of the living and the dead. It was dangerous.

She laughed at herself. A week ago, the only mystical powers in her life were things she read in books. Now she was haunted by a real ghost, a handsome and interesting one at that. A man who was--or had been--thoughtful and kind. This was not good. Every minute she spent thinking about Joss Montague and his finer qualities was time she wasn't thinking about her husband. Her living, breathing husband.

She took the bell to the barn and hid it at the bottom of the steamer trunk under the fine clothes and pushed the trunk against the wall. As she picked up the saddle to replace it on top of the trunk, she thought heard a sound from overhead, like a snap, but there was nothing in the rafters but a few extra bundles of vine stakes.

She hoisted the saddle on top of the trunk and turned to go. Another noise came from overhead, a creepy sound of metal sliding against metal. She looked up to see a several loose steel stakes shooting out of the rafters--and flying straight toward her.

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