Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Top Pinterest Boards to Create to Promote Yourself and Your Books

Pinterest isn't just for arts and crafts. Many businesses are finding ways to use the social media juggernaut to promote their brand and their products. Through the boards they create and the pins they share, there are limitless possibilities for getting their brand out there and in front of a large audience.

As a writer, you can also use the site to promote yourself and your books. There are many creative ways you can use the site, depending on the kinds of books you write and the kind of audience you want to reach. Here are a few ideas for some of the top Pinterest boards you can create to promote yourself and your books:

Book Catalogue
If you have several published books under your belt, you can create a virtual book shelf by creating a Pinterest board dedicated to them. Be sure to include keyword-rich descriptions under each book title and to include an updated link to where it can be purchased on Amazon or another online marketplace. Also, if several versions of your book have been printed, be sure to select the most attractive and compelling cover. Pinterest is a visual medium, after all, so the most eye-catching photo will get the most views.

Character Boards
This is where you can really have some fun. Create boards for each of your favorite characters or for your main characters. For each board, choose pins that reflect what you think are the characters' favorite foods, music, movies, books, colors, places to visit and so on. Pin photos of hobbies, interests, career aspirations and anything else you can think of that your character would like. The more you can add to the board, the more interesting and three-dimensional you will make your characters, helping readers to feel more connected to them.

Settings and Places from Novels
A picture is worth 1,000 words. Sometimes, no matter how well you describe a place, readers just won't be able to see it in their minds the same way you see it. Bring the settings and places from your novels to life with Pinterest boards. If they are real places -- like a small village in Italy or a quirky neighborhood in San Francisco -- this should be very easy to do. If they are imagined places, you can find pictures that most closely resemble what you had in mind.

When you are writing, you take inspiration from all kinds of places. Share that inspiration with your readers. Show them the photos of the places, the art work, and the things that inspired you. Share pictures of the musicians whose work you listened to while you were writing. Share pictures of the authors who inspire you. Share pictures of the people who inspired your characters. Not only will you give readers a deeper appreciation of your work, but you'll also create a board that you can refer to again and again for inspiration for future projects.

Book Readings and Events
Help readers learn about all the latest readings and other events that you will attend. Creating pins linking to readings on your tour or to other appearances that you will make. Make sure that the board is updated and that the links are all active. 

There are many more ways that you can promote yourself and your books on Pinterest with just a little creativity. Try some of these great ideas for Pinterest boards or come up with your own unique boards that best reflect the tone and style of your book (or books).

What boards have you created on Pinterest to promote your books? Share your best ideas in the comments!

Amber Satka writes on financial topics, such as her look into car rebate offers. Amber is a former office manager and current mother and writer.

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