Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Review: PENELOPE by Anya Wylde

  4 of 5 stars

When country girl Penelope Fairweather is invited to attend the London Season by Dowager Radclyff, she has no idea that she'll have the adventure of her young life. No matter how hard Penelope tries to be a proper young lady, mishaps and madcap adventures follow her like a bad dream. She's managed to alienate the Dowager's son, Duke Charles Radclyff, within five minutes of meeting him and he does everything he can to send her back to Finnshire much against the protests of his mother and sister.

I picked up this book during a promotion and the description was so intriguing that I started reading it the same day. The author has such a unique voice and I absolutely loved the ups and downs of Penelope while she's in London. There were so many places that I was laughing out loud at the outrageous predicaments that Penelope finds herself in. Is the plot a tad ridiculous? Yes, it is, but that's what make it such a delightful read. The Regency Period was full of so many rules for young ladies and society decorum was an absolute must that it was fun to see that period written about in a light-hearted way. The book was so enjoyable I read it in one long sitting. Suspend your beliefs for a while and delve into the zany world of Penelope Fairweather. Recommended.

I loved the author's writing style so much that I immediately purchased her other book, The Wicked Wager.