Friday, July 19, 2013

#Review: THE HEIRESS EFFECT by Courtney Milan

4 of 5 stars

Miss Jane Fairfield has a secret and she's willing to do anything and everything to keep it even going so far as to be a laughing stock and the butt of jokes by polite Society. All that changes when she meets Oliver Marshall and her defenses start to crumble. Oliver sees through Jane's sabotage attempts of her character, but he's conflicted. Against his better judgment, he's attracted to Jane and doesn't like it. He has the opportunity to gain important votes on a Reform act he's worked hard on if he goes along with a scheme to humiliate Jane, but will he let his political ambitions guide his choices or will he let his principals guide his decision?

I enjoyed this book although I think it did get off track a bit with some of the secondary characters. I loved that Jane is such a strong character, but she seemed a bit naive. With her financial independence, why didn't she realize that she didn't have to put up with her uncle's ridiculous ways. I understand why she acted and dressed the way she did, but it was only supposed to be an act, not her true personality. The first meeting of Jane and Oliver was witty and clever, but the more they interacted with each other, it lost a bit of that spark. Without giving away any spoilers, the book did wrap up all the story lines nicely, but I thought some of the events to get there were a bit outlandish. Nevertheless, I'm a fan of Ms. Milan and will certainly be looking forward to the next book in the series.

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