Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Interview with Christopher Gray

Are you a romantic?
Despite my affinity for gadgets and electronics, I have an affinity for old things. I admire classic architecture, antique furniture, and the old parts of cities.

Do you listen to music when you're writing?
About 50% of the time I listen to music while writing, but usually instrumental, like Jazz or Ambient.

Tell us about your latest release.
I’m fascinated by current theories on quantum computing and the idea of multiple universes, so my novel Dark Nights deals with those realities. In order to keep things interesting to non-SF fans, I have a healthy dose of character exposition and down-to-earth political intrigue and action.

The characters include a corporate executive that craves power and is willing to sacrifice others to get it, a brilliant scientist who becomes a reluctant hero, his love interest, and a veteran secret agent who, in order to save his world, must commit grave acts against his conscience. And of course, the quantum supercomputer is also a major character, whose actions affect every human being in existence.

What have you got coming soon for us to look out for?
A sequel to “Dark Nights.”

Which Star Trek or Star Wars character are you most like?
I’d like to think I’m a cross between Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock, an adventurer with a logical mind. For Star Wars, Han Solo is the guy.

Favorite season? Why?
I like late Summer/early Fall. The temperature is rarely hot, yet it is warm enough to go outside and be active without having to wear a coat. Plus, the leaves turning different colors looks beautiful. It’s the perfect time of the year for walks and cycling.

The machine believed it knew best how to save humanity... even if doing so meant destroying half the population. 

Astrophysicist Doug Lockwood's unusual discovery during his observation of the sun kicks off a chain of events that nobody could have foreseen. The powerful political and military influences that compete to deal with his discovery set Lockwood on a course which will carry him across worlds, and into the grasp of a formidable new intelligence bent on accomplishing its goal at any cost. With Earth itself at stake and time running out, Lockwood and his team must find a way to counter this unprecedented threat before the powerful new enemy completes its plan. Two civilizations are pitted against each other in a desperate struggle for survival.

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Christopher A. Gray is a professional freelance writer living in Toronto. He has been a sales agent, project manager, actor, filmmaker, comedy writer & performer and world traveler.

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