Monday, October 20, 2014

#Review: SISTERS OF TREASON by Elizabeth Fremantle

  4 of 5 stars

History has shown that the Grey sisters, Lady Catherine and Lady Mary, were subjected to royal disfavor for most of their lives. After all, they were related to Jane Grey who was Queen of England for mere days before she was convicted of treason and executed. Being next in line to the throne, Katherine and Mary, the closest royal cousins to two reigning queens, Mary Tudor and Elizabeth Tudor, their lives were a constant worry of being sent to the Tower to follow the fate of their dear sister Jane.

Much has been written about Catherine Grey--her secret marriage, the birth of her two sons and her imprisonment for defying Queen Elizabeth, but there is scant information about the crooked-back Mary. Ms. Fremantle has taken the facts of history and woven a deeply personal story of two sisters and a family friend, the painter Levina Teerlinc. The author lets us peek inside the minds of these young women to see their fears, their loves and their battle to walk a delicate line in the world of court intrigue. Catherine cannot help herself and falls in love and eventually marries in secret--the beginning of her downfall. Mary is clever and is a favorite of both queens for much of her life, but the cost to her sanity is too much to bear. It is no secret what happens to both women, but the story Ms. Fremantle weaves brings those two ill-fated girls to life. Recommended.

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