Monday, January 26, 2015

New #Romance Release: EVER AFTER by Anya Wylde

Ever After


In a wonderfully unpredictable tale of adventure, romance and a goodly bit of humour, Ever After tells the story of a princess who is trapped in a tower by her over protective father. The princess must escape the tower and choose between love and duty. And when one thinks this is the end, the tale takes a turn and the princess finds herself on an unconventional path to happily ever after. Less
“With a shout from the queen, a hoot from the major, a joyous giggle from the good king … the long awaited princess finally arrived ...”

In an unpredictable world where birds deliver babies, wise turtles live deep in the earth and grasshoppers advise the queen, the new-born and highly indignant princess finds herself trapped in a luxurious tower by the over protective king.
Soon after her seventeenth birthday, growing bored of trinkets, baubles and sparkling diamonds, she decides to rebel and win back her freedom. Her father relents and allows her to venture outside the tower, but only if she is accompanied by the royal entourage comprising of guards, doctors, nurses, maids, a cook, an elephant, as well as a military tank complete with a powerful cannon.

Just when she thinks she is beginning to understand the world outside the tower, she sees him moving amongst the crowd, and her entire world tilts on its axis and the tale takes an unexpected turn....


This was not my favorite book by Anya Wylde, but her writing style never fails to delight me. This is the story of a princess surrounded by love or prison depending on who you spoke with. Love can be suffocating and make you blind to the obvious, but these are lessons the princess must learn on her own. It's a cute read and fans of Ms. Wylde will no doubt enjoy it. 

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