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#Review: SING FOR ME, Gracie Madison

5 of 5 stars

I was first drawn to this book by the beautiful cover. A story about Angels and Demons, how could I resist and I have to say that I was not disappointed in the least. Ms. Madison has a lovely flowing and lyrical way with her writing. The reader is first introduced to Madeline Noel during one of the Eden Theatre's final rehearsals, but immediately, you can sense something is wrong. Madeline is keeping a tight rein on her emotions and for good reason. She's a Choir, a magnificent angel created solely for the purpose of singing the most beautiful and haunting notes for heaven and earth alike. She's hiding in human form as war rages on in the Realm. Evil is hunting all of the Choirs and it doesn't take long for Corinth's evil minions to find Madeline. She is saved by her demon hunter Damascus. He wants her to flee, but Madeline doesn't want to abandon the production with only days before opening night.

The relationship the author creates between Madeline and Damascus is beautiful and heart-wrenching as they're forbidden to acknowledge feelings or their undying love for each other. Back and forth they wrestle with control and Ms. Madison is masterful in bringing their struggle to life. Throw in an over-worked production assistant, aka a new prophet, a truly evil demon and two more Angel Demon Hunters and the cast is full of equally interesting and deep characters. I couldn't put the book down, it was that compelling. I absolutely recommend this book and I can't wait for the next installment! Highly Recommended.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Book & Author details:
Sing For Me by Gracie Madison
Publication date: January 23rd 2015
Genres: New Adult, Paranormal Romance

Madeline Noel fled war-torn Heaven to hide within the mortal world, but the blessing that could protect her from evil is the holy realm’s forbidden power.

As a talented soprano for the Eden Theatre Company, Madeline hides among prima donnas and tone-deaf flutists. Her perfect voice may entertain audiences, but a careless laugh may shatter glass, and her greatest scream can kill. To control her unrestrained voice, the angels forbid Madeline from embracing the emotions that strengthen her song. Anger. Fear.


The demon-hunter Damascus vows to defend Madeline from Hell’s relentless evil, but he cannot protect her from her own feelings. Though they deny their dangerous attraction, her guardian becomes her greatest temptation. Surrendering to desire may awaken the gift suppressed within Madeline’s soul, and neither Heaven nor Hell will allow such absolute power to exist.

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Gracie Madison would spend every day, all day writing…if it were socially acceptable.  Ever since she was a little girl scribbling with a crayon, Gracie’s dedicated herself to her books and all the supernatural and paranormal, creepy and beautiful stories and characters born within the pages. Now Gracie is committed to finally sharing those books with the world.  When the laptop is pried from her hands, Gracie is probably working her day job, rooting on the Steelers, or out with her husband searching for Pittsburgh’s best sushi.

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