Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Medical Emergency

Miss Klutz here.

yesterday i was walking through the buildings to my office and i tripped on a steel transition piece between the tiles. now do you think i could just stumble like a normal person? of course not! i went sailing through the air and first landed on my knee, bounced and slammed full force on my right shoulder. as i'm splayed out on the floor, i was praying no one saw that but on the other hand was hoping someone could help me up.

long story short i broke my shoulder. ouch plus a few other choice words. i'm in a sling until i can go to ortho next week. swelling is too much to do anything else. ‪#‎sigh‬ 

typing with my left hand is not very good. if i promised you a post in the next few weeks, i probably won't get to it. sorry about that.

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