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#Excerpt: TRIANGULATING BLISS by Janelle Jalbert


Greg opened the backdoor to Bliss. He forced himself to stop thinking about how the name of the place made him think of a day spa rather than a barbeque joint. The tell-tale wood smoke greeted him, causing his stomach to growl and suspending his thoughts about the name of the place. Musical chimes sounded above the door as Greg’s eyes adjusted from the glare of the fall sun to the darkened interior.

Figures, he thought. Why wouldn't there be chimes at a place called Bliss?

Once his eyes adjusted, the bar area didn't seem to be out of the ordinary. Greg stopped at the partition just inside the door. It was covered with a list of sayings:

Follow Your Bliss
Happiness Is an Inside Job
Be Careful What You Wish For
There's No Better Time to Claim the Future You Want Than Now

A half-laugh escaped him. He thought it was a menu board at first and the philosophizing caught him off guard. Still, the final statement hit close to home, and he took a deep breath.

Greg headed to the long black bar. A smaller party room was to the right with about a dozen tables to the left. It had the feel of a contemporary jazz club or maybe a speakeasy. Beyond the tables, bright daylight streamed into the lounge from a passage between the front diner area and the bar. No creepy Twilight Zone feeling here, he thought.

Two muted, flat screen TVs hung on either side of the wood shelves stocked with bottles of all sizes. He eyed the taps and sports coverage while surveying the place. Though there were no windows in the back area, yet it didn't feel claustrophobic. Between the lighting, mirrors and glass, there was elegance to the place that radiated a different type of light. Poster-sized black and white pictures hung on the walls, showing the history of the place. Greg guessed they were from the 1940's. Smaller pictures of patrons and notable artifacts related to "Our Place" dotted the walls. Greg knew from his early research that Our Place was the name of the restaurant until a few years earlier. 

Greg settled in, still getting a sense of the place, when a woman with graying dark hair approached him. Though he talked with Lois on the phone, this was the first time he saw her. She was not remarkably tall, but definitely commanded the bar and carried herself in a way that betrayed her real age. She had a look of knowing, or maybe it was just cheer that she had a customer on a dead afternoon.


A struggling veteran reads about the mysterious death of a local athlete and wants to learn more. He meets the owner of the business linked to the crime and discovers others have “disappeared”.

All stories include a man with dark hair, blue eyes, and a strong jaw.

Then, it’s his turn.

The mysterious forces at Bliss change everything. What brought them all to Bliss is not as it appears and their lives are powerfully interconnected across space and time.

Author bio:
Janelle Jalbert has ghostwritten 15 nonfiction books on topics ranging from productivity, money management, marketing, cooking, and relationships. She also worked as a copywriter for some of the biggest online names and worked as a motorsports reporter covering NASCAR. Jalbert enjoys bringing stories to life that celebrate the magic in everyday living. To learn more about her current and upcoming releases and promotions visit Jalbert currently lives in Southern California, though she regularly returns to her second home in North Carolina when her pack of pups grants her a vacation. 

Author Website:

Follow the tour and comment; the more you comment, the better the chances of winning. The tour dates can be found here: 

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New #Romance Release: LONELY HEARTS CLUB by New York Times Best-selling author Sandra Edwards

They say you can't go home again--but sisters Georgia and Ginger are going to give it a good try when they return to their hometown of Cypress Falls for their niece's wedding. Things are bound to get a little crazy when the groom is not only the son of Georgia's childhood crush, but he's also the nephew of Ginger's boyfriend from high school. To make matters worse, the bride's parents are in the midst of a nasty breakup.

Life hasn't turned out quite the way any of them planned, and the prospect of this wedding won't let them forget it! Join New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author Sandra Edwards in this delightful tale about love, loss, and picking up the pieces.

Read the prequel THE MEMORY BOUQUET for a peek inside the three sister’s relationships.

Three Sisters. Three stories. Three Missed Opportunities.

On a visit to her hometown of Cypress Falls, Ginger Franklin runs into her high school sweetheart and tries to fend off his advances because she is, after all, married--maybe not happily married, but married nonetheless.

Eldest sister, Risa Franklin Russell's marriage is falling apart, and it's happening right as her only daughter, Lisa, becomes engaged. As if that's not bad enough, she's not happy about the prospect of her traitorous sister's return for Lisa's wedding. Risa doesn't need Georgia's success or her own stupidity thrown in her face.

Georgia Franklin contemplates going home for the first time in twenty-five years, after she learns her niece is getting married--to the son of Georgia's childhood crush. The only thing Georgia fears more than her past coming back to haunt her, is disappointing her niece.

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#Review: TRIDENT CODE by Thomas Waite

  4 of 5 stars

The story unfolds when Lana Elkins, a former NSA employee, is recruited once again to stave off another possible world-wide catastrophe. When once of America's premier nuclear subs is highjacked and the sickening scene of crew members dying horrible deaths is broadcast for all the world to see, Elkins and her team race against time trying stop the cyber-terrorists from launching the Trident II missiles--an action that could change the face of the world forever.

I love thrillers and this one did not disappoint. With all the super-hackers out there bent on destruction especially against the USA, the highjacking of one of our most valuable subs seems the way to hit us hard. I'm not computer savvy enough to know if this is even a possibility, but nevertheless I thoroughly enjoyed the story. With each page, there seemed to be no end to the destruction as Lana and her team try to discover the identity of the hackers.  The sub-plot with Elkins' daughter, however, did nothing to add to the angst of the story. That storyline could have been eliminated while the tension and heart-pounding action of Elkins and her team could have easily carried the story. Beside that one criticism, fans of thrillers will thoroughly enjoy this book.

I received this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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#Review: IF HE'S NOBLE by Hannah Howell

5 of 5 stars

I am a fan of Ms. Howell and IF HE'S NOBLE is another enjoyable and enthralling read. The story revoles around Lady Primrose Wooten who is on a desperate search to find her brother. Their father has died and Simeon is now head of the family. As Primrose searches the countryside, she runs across Sir Bened Vaughn who offers to escort her while she searches. As the story unfolds, we learn more about Aunt Augusta and the real reason why Primrose must find her brother.

I loved the main characters and how they handled their mutual attraction. The author teases out details about the hero and heroine that are both endearing and shocking. The book was action packed and just when you think our heroine is safe, another twist in thrown in the story. All in all, it was a very enjoyable story. Fans of regency and Highland romances will definitely love this one!

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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   4 of 5 stars

I'm a fan of Ms. Wylde and I was delighted when I received an ARC of her latest book, LOVE MUFFIN AND CHAI LATTE. The book follows the madcap adventures of quirky and adorable Tabitha Lee Timmons, "Tabby" to her friends, from her engagement to her less than amorous boyfriend Chris to traveling to India to meet his extended family. Tabby tries so hard to tow the line between her sweet giving nature and adhering to the strict customs of Indian life. Along the way she meets Chris's parents, grandfather, his sister Maya and his mysterious cousin Dev. 

I found myself laughing throughout this book at the author's imagination and the circumstances that Tabby finds herself in. The more the story unfolded, the more I wanted to know what happens next. The characters were fully fleshed out and it was easy to become immersed in Indian culture. All in all, this was another highly entertaining read from Ms. Wylde. Fans of comedic romance will thoroughly enjoy this book. Recommended.

Tabby believes she has found the one in Chris. Chris appears to think the same for he pops the question, and soon Tabby finds herself engaged. Tabby thinks her biggest problem is picking out the wedding dress and refining the dinner menu. Chris begs to differ. He thinks her biggest problem is convincing his wealthy grandfather that she is perfect for the family or he risks losing a big fat inheritance. Convincing his grandfather turns out to be more complicated than she anticipates. For one, he wants her to seek the blessings of his spiritual adviser. The trouble is . . . his adviser lives in India.

So, for the sake of love, Tabby journeys into the heart of India and battles monkeys, crooks, Delhi belly and the advisor himself in order to win over Chris’s family. But while she is trying to make sense of an exotic new world, she begins to wonders why her heart beats madly for a man who is not her fiancé but his very handsome cousin….

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THE TRUTH ABOUT MIDAS by Symbologist Michelle Synder

The story of King Midas and his golden touch is told today as a tale of the price of greed, and in some, the rewards of repentance. This is how the first part of his story is generally told today:

Midas was a king of great fortune who ruled the country of Phrygia, in Asia Minor. He had everything a king could wish for. He lived in luxury in a great castle. He shared his life of abundance with his beautiful daughter. Even though he was very rich, Midas thought that his greatest happiness was provided by gold. He would spend many days counting his coins. 
One day, Dionysus, the god of wine and revelry, passed through the kingdom of Midas. One of his companions, a satyr named Silenus, got lost along the way. Silenus got tired and decided to take a nap in the famous rose gardens surrounding the palace of king Midas. He was found there by the king who recognized him instantly and invited him to spend a few days at his palace, where they feasted and rested. After that, Midas took him back to Dionysus. The god of celebration, very grateful to Midas for his kindness, promised Midas to satisfy any wish of him.  
Midas though for a while and then he said: “I hope that everything I tough becomes gold.” Dionysus warned the king to think well about his wish, but Midas was positive. Dionysus could do nothing to dissuade him and promised the king that his wish would start the following day. Everything he touched would turn to gold. 
The next day, Midas, woke up eager to see if his wish would come true. He extended his arm touching a small table that immediately turned into gold. Midas jumped with happiness! He then touched a chair, the carpet, the door, his bathtub, a table and so he kept on running in his madness all over his palace until he got exhausted and happy at the same time! He sat at the table to have breakfast and took a rose between his hands to smell its fragrance. When he touched it, the rose became gold. "I will have to absorb the fragrance without touching the roses, I suppose," he thought in disappointment. Without even thinking, he tried to eat a grape but it also turned into gold! The same happened with a slice of bread and a glass of water. Suddenly, he started to sense fear. Tears filled his eyes and that moment, his beloved daughter entered the room. Giving Midas a hug, she turned into a golden statue! Despaired and fearful, he raised his arms and prayed to Dionysus to take this curse from him.
The god heard Midas and felt sorry for him. He told Midas to go to river Pactolus and wash his hands. Midas did so: he ran to the river and was astonished to see gold flowing from his hands. The ancient Greeks said they had found gold on the banks of the that river. When he turned home, everything Midas had touched had become normal again. Midas hugged his daughter and decided to share his great fortune with his people. His people led a prosperous life and when he died, they all mourned for their beloved king.
There is more to the mythology, none of it complementary to the king. There are a few variations of details; many tellers add morals and speculation to the myth as a tale to teach virtue. Turning his daughter to gold was a later palimpsest, told by Nathanial Hawthorne in 1852. 

Historically there were several kings named Midas; the common reference is King Midas from the 8th century BC, who ruled Pessinus, Phrygia. He was married to a Greek princess, daughter of Agamemnon. According to Greek and Assyrian sources he traded with the Greeks, and many other nations.  

Was it Greed? Or Science!

In order to decode this legend we must look at the electromotive series. History tells us the Greeks found gold on the river banks where Midas washed the curse from his hands. This may be the most significant statement for decoding this story. If you take a tin cup and place it in water that is downstream from a copper mine or processing plant, in a while, with the proper liquid medium, you will have a copper cup. Iron turns to copper, copper to silver, and silver to gold. This is called the electromotive series, and is, in general, how batteries work. In the Smithsonian Museum there are two silver Llamas which fell into a river where silver trace was, and they turned to silver, well preserved to the detail. It is this process that is symbolized by Midas turning everything to gold, and washing the gold off in the river. 

It is also important to look at what was happening at the time of Midas. Turkey used young children to mine tin, as they were smaller and could go deeper into the mines. Some died and were left in the mines. If the mine collapsed, or flooded, the children were left there. One mine did flood with water that held gold sediment, and a young girl about five years old was preserved as electrum; a silver & gold child. Pristine details remained: Her eyelashes were preserved to the hair, and the flowers in her basket still had their petals. The story of Midas turning his daughter into gold likely comes from records about the discovery of this young girl. 

A man found in a Danish bog preserved as copper.

So how did the story become so detrimental to the reputation of King Midas? 

Another significant thing to know about Midas was that he invented coins for standard measurement. Well, his wife invented the idea and he had them made. Great! you might say. It was. Trade in precious metals and stones were big business and it was full of thieves and cheats. The coins prevented Midas and others from being swindled in transactions, and the swindlers hated him for it.  The king’s reputation became one of greed and avarice, a reputation which spread rapidly as stories made up by angry traders.  In the stories about his daughter she has been called Marigold (a name derived from Mary of the Catholic tradition). That name would not have been used then, if he had a daughter, more likely her name would have been Elora, or Lura. 

Palimpsest about many legendary and mythological characters arise from similar slander. The monster Medusa was a result of stories told to tear down the power of the Vanir navigators. It is said that Athena turned her into the snake headed creature – in theory, she did. Stories are powerful. They can create a persona that is hard to correct. Peeling away layers of information and looking at each in historic context helps determine what is valid and what is layered into history for deconstructive purpose. Midas was subject to just such storytelling. 

About Symbologist Michelle Snyder

Michelle is a professor of mythology and symbolism, fairy tale author, blogger, and geek. She did her postgrad research at the University of Wales, and her artwork, inspired by her love of symbolism and folklore, has appeared in galleries from Massachusetts to California. Michelle is co-owner of White Knight Studio.

Books by Michelle, available at Amazon:

Symbology series:
Symbology ReVision: Unlocking Secret Knowledge
Symbology: Hidden in Plain Sight
Symbology: My Art and Symbols
Symbology: Fairy Tales Uncovered
Symbology: Decoding Classic Images
Symbology: World of Symbols
Symbology: Secrets of the Mermaids

Fairy Tales:
A Tale of Three Kingdoms: Book One – The Lost Unicorn
A Tale of Three Kingdoms: Book Two – The Lost Mermaid
The Fairy Tales, Once Upon a Time Lessons: First Book



Fractured Tour Banner

Fractured-KINDLEA Real Life Story of Heroic Virtue
Parts of this memoir appeared on ESPN and in Rosie Warsaw, Indiana July 08, 2015 
Award-winning and best-selling author, Michelle Weidenbenner, announces the release of Kelly Schaefer’s memoir, Fractured Not Broken

Years ago, parts of Kelly’s story appeared on ESPN and in Rosie, but now Kelly reveals the rest of the story in her new book, Fractured Not Broken

Nineteen-year-old Kelly had it all—a healthy and athletic body, a star basketball-player boyfriend, and a fun college life with close friends. 

But everything changed when a drunk driver rendered her a quadriplegic. 

 Kelly was left with arms and legs that couldn’t move. She couldn’t walk, write, feed herself or comb her hair. When she thought she couldn’t lose anything more—her boyfriend left her, unwilling to endure a life with a quad. Through her darkest days of loss and pain, her family and community gathered together to push her forward, to help her persevere. With their help, Kelly moved closer to God and toward a faith she’d never had. “Miracles come in many obscure moments,” Kelly said. “I spent most of my life awaiting my big break. I expected my miracle to be in the form of a pill, injection, or surgery that would enable my spine to heal and give me the mobile freedom I prayed for, but that didn’t happen. 

Kristen Jongen’s quote says it all: “‘My miracle came unannounced, and in an odd package. It looked different from what I imagined--untimely, unexpected, unpretentious--yet it fit perfectly. Divinely constructed solely for me.’" 

Fractured Not Broken is a memoir of loss and faith, but it’s also a love story that sounds like fiction. “Life has its tragic moments of defeat, setbacks, and fracturing for everyone. Kelly's story proves, however, that individual momentum, personal progress, and genuine achievement can still be attained. Her courage and optimism are uplifting. Open these pages and experience the joy of ultimate victory.” —Dr. Dennis E. Hensley, Author of Jesus in All Four Seasons

“This book has been a true encouragement to me. Thank you Kelly for sharing your story— the loss and the unexpected joy— so that each reader can be uplifted knowing there is a full, rich life available to those who lean in to our Lord Jesus.” —Renee Bondi, Award-Winning Singer and Songwriter

 “This is a real life story of heroic virtue—especially of courage, humility, and generosity—a triumph of faith, hope and love. This story involves the very essence of the human spirit, family, and community. To know Kelly and her journey of miracles is to know that with God all things are possible.” —Most Reverend Charles C. Thompson Bishop of Evansville

"This book will fracture the paradigms of the goals and expectations we set for ourselves and others. Kelly’s words will change how readers think of people with disabilities and bring hope to readers who have lost faith in finding true love."  Weidenbenner’s other novels include Cache a Predator, Scattered Links, and an early chapter book series for girls called Éclair

Kelly is a teacher, speaker, Young Life mentor and a Skittles lover. She brings fun to her classroom and inspires others every day with her faith and positive attitude.

Michelle, her aunt, feels blessed to be the one to write and share Kelly’s story. Although this is Michelle’s first nonfiction project, it was heart-felt inspired like her novels.
Goodreads page| Kobo | Amazon | Barnes and Noble | iBooks
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Interview with B. Lynch

Can you give us a brief overview of your latest book? Is it part of a series?
King Callie’s the first book in a trilogy about Caliandra Feor, the teenage princess of Barra. She’s had a really rough year, all of it stemming from her dying father, King Rionn. He inherited the rule by being the chosen one who put together Peacebringer, a magic axe, but when he dies, the crown goes to the next person who can put the axe back together – and the previous king’s family takes a substantial reduction in income and status.

When her father became sick a few months before the book starts, her fiancee left her for a richer woman, which has left her absolutely crushed, especially since she finds out in chapter one that the ex-fiancee and his new beau are getting married.

Then her brother Valric goes off on some crazy quest, because the Royal Seer told him he could find a cure for the King’s illness. But the real reason is that the Royal Seer had a vision that Valric would be the next king – and that if he took the throne, Barra would be destroyed.

Then he has a second vision… and realizes that Caliandra would be the one to save Barra, as its King.

One of my beta readers described it as “The story of a young woman becoming the king of her country, coping with love and loss and war and real friends and frenemies - like the Daenerys story of Game of Thrones.” I think it’s very flattering to be described that way, and I think fans of the ASIOF books, as well as anyone who’s enjoyed Robin Hobb’s Farseer Trilogy, will find something to like in King Callie.

Do you have a favorite character?
Only one? As much as I love Kells and Royth and Callie, I’m going to have to go with Patta.

She’s the wife of Marrol, the main antagonist; she’s very much molded in the Claire Underwood / Cersei Lannister / Lady Macbeth vein. She’s ambitious, like Callie is, but there’s the additional wrinkle of her being half-Asian in a city and environment that’s primarily white – life hasn’t been easy for her.

She’s come by her title through an advantageous marriage to Marrol, when he was just a general and she was just a merchant’s daughter, but together they manipulated their way to gain the support that Callie’s father, King Rionn, needed to grant his friend Marrol a seat on the Council as the Minister of War.

She values family very highly, and is incredibly close to her brother, but she’s also very unemotional about things; she can make smart snap decisions without regrets, and because she grew up with a bit of a chip on her shoulder, being the object of scorn for her heritage and for being a social climber, she really wants to prove herself. She wants to make a mark, and she wants to leave a legacy. Not having been able to give Marrol a family has been incredibly hard for her in that regard, and not to spoil any of the events in book one, but things do not get easier for her.

With Patta, I wanted to create a female character who could be a very sympathetic antagonist, and I wanted to also take the opportunity to add some diversity to the female cast – and to be sure that there were women who had a stake on both sides of the story.

Did you try the traditional route to publishing, i.e. querying agents/publishers?
I did – I sent out twenty-four queries for Callie, and got some very nice refusals. One agent loved the book, but confessed she’d had a hard time selling YA Fantasy like it, so she had to turn me down. And that wears on you – you write what you think is a great book, and you have to distance yourself from the rejections because it’s just business. At the end of the day, you might have written a great book, but some agent may be repping a book just like it, there may be a glut on the market, or they might just not like it for reasons that have nothing to do with you.

I remember when I was doing PR for an indie game company back in Philly, and one reviewer ravaged the game and gave it a terrible rating. The guys who created the game were crushed – but then we read through it a bit more closely, and we found out that the game reminded the reviewer of the piano lessons he’d been forced to take as a child, which he absolutely hated. So he took it out on their game. Since every other review adored it, they realized they could just brush it off. Same way I’ve tried to brush off the rejections. There are some things that are just beyond your control, you know?

Are you currently under a traditional publishing contract for future books or do you have manuscripts that you will self-publish? Are you doing both?
I’m leaning towards doing both; it’s going to be a lot of work to self-publish books and to publish traditionally on a consistent schedule, but I think it’ll give me the creative control I want along with the exposure that having a traditionally published book brings. Plus, self-pub lets me deliver books at a pace I like.

What factors influenced your decision to self-publish your book(s)?
It was a mix of things; if I hadn’t already had a background in marketing and PR, it would’ve been a bit of a harder choice. Funny enough, I originally wanted to self-publish Callie, and a friend of mine talked me into querying it, so after the querying process finished, it wasn’t so much a case of “oh, well, nobody wants it, I’ll take it online,” as it was “Okay, Plan B didn’t work, it’s back to Plan A.”

Do you belong to a critique group? Have they helped improve your writing?
My critique group is actually only two other people – my friend Carol, and my friend Liz. I met Carol through my regular writing group at Cool Beans in Oradell, NJ, and Liz is a friend I made at Wicked Faire years and years ago. They’ve been essential to Callie becoming what it is; they helped me smooth out a lot of rough parts, they’ve given me a lot of really strong criticism, and it’s helped tremendously.

There’s also my bro Kam Imam, who I met through /r/FantasyWriters. We traded some very helpful edits, incisive criticism, and a lot of good-natured support. He helped me make the intro chapters a whole lot stronger, and I’m really grateful for that.

Do you outline your story or just go where your muse takes you?
Follow the muse first, then outline. I like to just explore a few chapters of an idea before I outline it meticulously, just to see how much I like it and what potential it might have.

Outlines help me get the sense of structure and where to go. I remember when I used to write without outlines… I’d get lost and I’d get stuck, and then I’d get frustrated, which would only get me more stuck. With outlines, I always know where I need to go, and it’s really taken a lot of the aggravation out of the process.

Besides Amazon, are there any other sites where your books are for sale?
King Callie will also be for sale on April 23rd on Amazon, iTunes, Kobo, Nook, Oyster, Scribd, and if your library has Overdrive, you’ll be able to borrow it!

Also, if you want to see what all the fuss is about, go find King Callie on Smashwords. I’ve got the first 25% of it up there for anyone to read, absolutely free. And if you aren’t hooked, no worries!

Do you find it difficult to juggle your time between marketing your current book and writing your next book?
Thankfully, the brunt of the next book is already written, so for the next few weeks, it’s just marketing, marketing, marketing… the big worry I have is writing and editing over the next couple of months. I got accepted to the Odyssey Writing Workshop, which runs from June 8th to July 17th, and I’m very excited about the possibilities of growth that it will offer. It’s incredibly exclusive, and I think it’ll help me become a better writer – and it will push the release of the second book back a bit, to late Fall of 2015 but I think it’ll be worth the time invested.

The current marketing’s been working really well, though – King Callie’s already broken the Top 15 in Amazon’s YA Arthurian Fantasy category, which is absolutely fantastic. Here’s hoping I can crack the top 10!

Besides writing, do you have any other passions?
Baking! I really got into over the past two years. My dad’s always been a big baker, but more recently, I found that my stomach does much better with vegan baking – so I’ve experimented with different kinds of cookies, cakes, brownies, bread, a bit of pie, and chocolate chip cookie dough truffles.

It’s very relaxing, but I can’t do it too often, otherwise I end up eating quite a bit more than I wanted to.

B. Lynch is a New York area-based mobile game writer who also enjoys writing novels, reading fantasy and lit fic, watching 80′s action movies, keeping up with Downton Abbey, and vegan baking. He was once a fight scene extra in one of the worst fantasy movies of all time, so he figures it’s all uphill from there.

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Guest Post by Amanda Black THE SINGLE GAME

I’m so excited for the release of my new book The Single Game! It’s my first venture into NA territory and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. While it is a continuation of my Apartment series that gives us a glimpse into the future of some of the main characters, it can easily be read as a standalone novel featuring the next generation of the Foster family. So if you haven’t read the first two books but this one sounds interesting to you, go ahead and jump on in! If you really like this one you can always go back and see how it all began.
The idea for this story actually came to me in a dream a while ago. It was just a fleeting image of two random teenagers making out for the first time in a dark closet during a party game that was sort of like spin the bottle. The boy was very nervous and the girl was the one putting him at ease. For some reason that one scene kept replaying in my mind over and over again after I woke up, which I found totally weird because I can never remember my dreams. I always feel like they must have been awesome, but damn if I can ever recall one single detail the next morning. That’s why when I realized that I was building on that scenario in my head the more that I thought about it, I knew I had to write it down or it would drive me crazy. As the story unfolded, I realized that I was drawing on a lot of my own experiences from when I started dating my husband, so this one ended up being very near and dear to my heart.
I really hope you check out this sweet and sexy story and let me know what you think! -Amanda Black
What elements of your own love life influenced this story?
More than I should probably admit! My husband and I were both very young when we started dating. Not quite as young as Eden and Logan, but there were still plenty of bets that we would never make it.
There is less angst in The Single Game than in your previous books (The Apartment and The Blank Canvas), can you talk about that a little bit more?
That was most definitely on purpose. By the time I finished writing those books I was absolutely drained from all of the emotions I had dredged up, both personal and fictional. Once I started getting the idea for The Single Game I saw that as an opportunity to just sit back and have some fun. It sounds funny to say that I was avoiding melodrama while also writing about teenagers, but I just wanted it to feel genuine, sweet and loving. Life has enough angst. I wanted to give me and my readers a small break.

What motivated you to write a New Adult Erotica?
I was already used to writing erotic romance after the last two books, but I was just really drawn to the story that was growing in my mind of these two teenagers on the verge of graduating high school. It’s such a big milestone in everyone’s life and I wanted to see how this couple would deal with a budding relationship in the middle of all of that.
I was so intrigued by the characters in this story. Logan is a shy, geeky, male virgin whereas Eden is a beautiful, confident, and sexually active HS senior girl. What made you reverse these typically male/female roles? 
I’m always up for a good role reversal! Honestly, some details of their relationship were drawn right from my own and other people I’ve known. There were plenty of girls who got burned by dating a player and they were much happier once they gave the shy guy another look. Plus, how many of us have said at one time, “I’d love to find a guy with no relationship baggage who I could teach exactly what I like.” Eden takes that idea and runs with it, exploring and discovering brand new things that she and Logan both like.
What character in The Single Game is most like you and why?
Definitely Eden. I had the proverbial burning by the ex. Not quite as dramatic as hers was, but that scene came from my ugliest high school memories. I wasn’t back in the saddle until early college but by then I knew what a treasure I had when I found my own shy guy.

Book & Author Details:
The Single Game by Amanda Black
Publication date: July 15th 2015
Genres: New Adult, Romance

In this third, stand-alone installment of Amanda Black’s Apartment Novels series, sparks fly during a sexy party game.

When Eden Foster’s parents tell her they’re moving from Chicago to the Illinois suburb of Aledo, Eden is crushed. That is, until she runs crying to her jock boyfriend, who she finds on top of her so-called best friend. Moving’s not looking so bad anymore.

Now a senior at Mercer County High, Eden is ready to re-enter the dating scene. Still burned over the betrayal of her ex, she’s looking for someone sweet and innocent. With the help of her two new friends, Zoe and Amy, Eden makes a list of what she’s looking for: an eager virgin, ready for training—and no jocks.

Eden thinks she’s found what she’s looking for in Logan Black, a shy and geeky classmate. But why are Zoe and Amy convinced that the answer to her search is a party game…with kissing?
Eden better get ready, because she’s about to play the Single Game.

The Single Game is the latest addition to the erotic Apartment Novels series, which began with Lily and Ethan in The Apartment and The Blank Canvas.


Amanda Black was born and raised in the Midwest, where she still lives with her husband and spoiled-rotten dogs. She earned a bachelor's degree in Studio Art before deciding that she actually needed to pay some bills, which is when she took a position as an ophthalmic technician.

For the past few years she's been a closet romance writer in her spare time and would love nothing more than to make it a full-time career. When she's not writing her next steamy love scene, her interests include reading, sketching, and annihilating her friends and family in movie trivia.

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