Monday, July 27, 2015


   4 of 5 stars

I'm a fan of Ms. Wylde and I was delighted when I received an ARC of her latest book, LOVE MUFFIN AND CHAI LATTE. The book follows the madcap adventures of quirky and adorable Tabitha Lee Timmons, "Tabby" to her friends, from her engagement to her less than amorous boyfriend Chris to traveling to India to meet his extended family. Tabby tries so hard to tow the line between her sweet giving nature and adhering to the strict customs of Indian life. Along the way she meets Chris's parents, grandfather, his sister Maya and his mysterious cousin Dev. 

I found myself laughing throughout this book at the author's imagination and the circumstances that Tabby finds herself in. The more the story unfolded, the more I wanted to know what happens next. The characters were fully fleshed out and it was easy to become immersed in Indian culture. All in all, this was another highly entertaining read from Ms. Wylde. Fans of comedic romance will thoroughly enjoy this book. Recommended.

Tabby believes she has found the one in Chris. Chris appears to think the same for he pops the question, and soon Tabby finds herself engaged. Tabby thinks her biggest problem is picking out the wedding dress and refining the dinner menu. Chris begs to differ. He thinks her biggest problem is convincing his wealthy grandfather that she is perfect for the family or he risks losing a big fat inheritance. Convincing his grandfather turns out to be more complicated than she anticipates. For one, he wants her to seek the blessings of his spiritual adviser. The trouble is . . . his adviser lives in India.

So, for the sake of love, Tabby journeys into the heart of India and battles monkeys, crooks, Delhi belly and the advisor himself in order to win over Chris’s family. But while she is trying to make sense of an exotic new world, she begins to wonders why her heart beats madly for a man who is not her fiancĂ© but his very handsome cousin….

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