Friday, August 14, 2015

#Review: WHAT TO DO WITH A DUKE by Sally MacKenzie

  3 of 5 stars

 When the Spinster House position becomes available, Catherine Hutting has a chance to leave her loud and demanding family, even if it's only to move across the street. She has sworn off marriage and longs for peace and quiet so she can pursue her dream of writing. Everything changes when the Duke of Hart comes to Loves Bridge to oversee the selection of the next spinster to inhabit Spinster House. Marcus can't help but believe in the curse of his ancestors dying before a son is born because it has happened for the past 200 years to each Duke of Hart. He knows his deadly clocks starts ticking down the moment he marries and the Duchess conceives his son. He has no desire to die and has sworn off marriage for as long as he can.

This book started out very interesting and I loved Cat's feisty personality when dealing with Marcus about becoming the next tenant in Spinster House, but it soon became very repetitive, enforcing over and over the curse that could kill Marcus. The story would have been much more enjoyable if at least half of these were eliminated. While it was fun watching the evolution of the relationship between Cat and Marcus, I was disappointed when the book ended without solving the one thread the author stressed over and over again. This ruined the book for me and I'm not sure I'll be interested in what happens by the time the next book in the series is published. 

I received this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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