Friday, September 18, 2015


The boys took off, adrenalin pumping. They roared past the El Alamein Fountain and down to Woolloomooloo, past Harry’s CafĂ© de Wheels, Sydney’s famous pie and peas caravan, then across the Cahill Expressway, over the Harbour Bridge and down to the smiling face of Luna Park at Milson’s Point. They mounted the footpath and parked on the grass under the bridge.

Brian thanked Winnie. ‘I was in a bit of trouble in there.’

‘How did it start?’

‘A couple of them footy hero loudmouths put shit on the girls and I told them to shut up. They didn’t like it and got stuck into me.’

The girl Brian brought along for the ride brushed his hair off his forehead and kissed his eye. He grabbed her hand and led her into the shadows. The boys had the other slut undressed in the moonlight while Big Kev unbuckled his belt.

‘After a fight, Winnie, there’s nothing like a good fuck.’

He dropped his jeans and slid them down around his ankles. The boys whispered to each other about who’d be next. Ocker decided he was going last so he could take her home for the night. While Brian had his turn, Winnie and Kev sat in the park and sipped rum and watched the ferries and fishing boats crisscrossing the harbour.

‘I think Brian’s in love,’ Big Kev sneered. ‘He’s had that sheila to himself all night, the bastard.’

Kev was getting restless and Winnie yelled out, ‘Come on, Brian, it’s time to get out of here.’

Brian brought the girl over. ‘Gina, meet Winnie and Kev.’

‘G’day, boys.’

‘G’day,’ they replied. They were pretty unimpressed that Brian had attached himself so quickly to a slut from the Cross.

‘Okay, I’m going to give Gina a lift home.’

‘See you on Monday.’ Ocker was fucking the other girl on the grass in the shadows and all they could see was his waving hand and the moonlight bouncing off his bare arse.

Brian turned up about ten o’clock on Monday, a black eye but all smiles. Winnie asked if he still had the slut from the other night and Brian’s face darkened. He grabbed Winnie by the throat.

‘Don’t ever call her that again.’

The boys had never seen him flip out before. His eyes turned steely. He’d obviously done his balls over the slut overnight.

Winnie grabbed Brian’s wrist, twisted it off his throat and said very quietly and calmly, ‘Don’t ever touch me like that again.’ Big Kev and Ocker watched silently.

‘What’s her name?’


‘Well, I’m sure you and Gina are going to be happy together.’ Winnie’s voice turned dry and his eyes black.


Mimi had never been on a motorbike before she met Peter Winifred, president of the Miners Motorcycle club. He is smitten the second they meet, but she isn't so sure she wants the life of the Prez's girl.

These are saucy selected scenes that reveal the sexy underbelly of an outlaw motorcycle club, taken from the bestselling true-to-life novel THE PREZ.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:
David Spiteri was a founding member and President of one of Australia's first biker gangs. He is 'semi-retired' from the club now. He saw outlaw motorcycle clubs (OMCs) develop from loose affiliations of like-minded riders to the well structured and well connected groups we see today, with links to police, politicians and lawyers. David lives in Rosebank, Northern NSW.

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