Thursday, March 10, 2016

#Excerpt: ANNABEL'S WEDDING by Susan Murphy

‘Viv, it’s your turn,’ Annabel called from the kitchen when the hairdresser had let her assistant in.

I grabbed a cup of tea and took my seat, eager to look as fabulous as Carrie. ‘How are you doing it?’ I asked the girl, who looked younger than my sons.

‘Up-style isn’t it, Tanya?’ she asked her boss.

‘Yep, something high. You wanted a mix of styles, didn’t you, Bel?’ Annabel didn’t answer and appeared to be asleep. ‘We should probably let her rest, so just do an up-style.’

I shrugged. ‘I have no idea what you’re talking about, so I’m in your hands.’

An hour later it appeared that the assistant didn’t know what we were talking about either. She clearly didn’t have the skill of her boss. As she proudly paraded the oversized mirror around for me to see, I wondered how to politely scream for her to start over. It was awful. I looked like a founding member of the B52s with a gigantic beehive straight out of the sixties.

‘It looks great from the back,’ she said.

Was it possible for me to walk backwards all day? Because from the front it was hideous. I pretended to need the bathroom so I could investigate further. I promised myself to take a minute before going into total and complete meltdown, but a larger mirror only magnified its ugliness.

‘Why me?’ I moaned. Why did Carrie look so completely fabulous and glamorous, while I looked like I was attempting to smuggle a flock of birds across the border in a fake hair nest.


After the breakdown of her marriage and her life, Viv has finally found happiness with Tom. But, can things really stay so perfect?

With the planning for Annabel's wedding underway, Genevieve is distracted by family bickering and an unexpected life-altering discovery. With Annabel threatening to cancel her wedding and Julia hiding a dark secret, her life once again descends into the perfect mix of hilarious chaos. Will the sisters be able to sort everything out and get their happy endings?

Annabel's wedding is a tale of sisterhood, relationships and learning to find happiness in spite of the sometimes crazy hand you're dealt.

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Susan Murphy is a marriage and funeral celebrant from South Australia with a passion for telling stories. She's also Mum to three fabulous kids, a wife of many years, and self-confessed chocolate addict. When not writing she can be found standing on the edge of a cliff, on a P&O cruise ship or even getting blown away on a beach somewhere while officiating wedding ceremonies. You might also find her at the SA Writers Centre where she is currently the Writer in Residence.

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