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#SALE .99 OUTPOST by Matthew Keith


Turning in a slow circle, Justin scanned the horizon until his gaze landed back on the net and the bodies beneath it. “Only three,” he noted. “There’s always been more before.”
Richard grunted again. Justin had no idea what it meant because he couldn’t see Richard’s face behind the bandana and the wide, tinted ski goggles he wore. Not that removing them would have helped—Richard’s reply to almost everything was a grunt. Sometimes his grunts meant yes, sometimes no. Most of the time it simply meant he didn’t want to answer.
Justin pulled his bandana down and lifted his goggles, wiping a dirt-coated sleeve across his sweaty face. The goggles kept fogging up, the moisture from his perspiration steaming the inside of the lens. They were unbearably hot, but a necessity against the harsh winds and heat. Two years ago, the Great Rains had killed nearly every living thing. As a result, what used to be the lush, green countryside of central Kentucky was now a barren, rocky wasteland, a scorching hot dustbowl under daily attack by an unrelenting sun, even during the winter months. It almost never rained, not anymore. When it did rain—not the poisonous, disease-ridden kind that had wiped out the planet, just plain old H2O—it only lasted for a few minutes. The ground soaked up the water so quickly and greedily that nothing ever had a chance to take root. Even the soil near the few lakes that remained was barren, the water so toxic that it killed any chance of creating life. What was left was hard, dry dirt that seemed to stretch on for an eternity.
No one could last more than an hour outside without a pair of goggles over their eyes, not with the hot, scorching winds that carried so much dust.
One of the bodies under the net shifted. Justin hastily covered his face again and swung his shotgun up.


The world's population has been decimated by a pandemic of epic proportions. One small pocket of survivors has been given the opportunity to strike back against those responsible.

In rural Kentucky, one hundred and sixty-one survivors of the apocalyptic Great Rains huddle inside a one-block, walled off section of town: a place they call Outpost. 

It has been two years since the toxic rains fell, wiping out most of humanity and leaving the Earth's soil devoid of life. The people of Outpost have managed to survive by working together, scavenging food from empty homes and businesses, guarding one another while they sleep.

They have persevered through their worst nightmare.

But now a stranger has arrived at their gate, and offers them with a choice: they can come with him and be part of saving the world, but many could die. Or they can do nothing and hope some other community has the courage to do what they can't.

Many of them want to fight. Others are skeptical. They don't believe the stranger's story and want nothing to do with furthering their own misery. They like things just the way they are, and they'll fight to keep it that way. Even if that fight is with those they call friend and neighbor…

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Suffering great losses, the small survivor community of Outpost still stands. Though now left with less than half their population, they are determined to find a way to continue under the leadership of Manning, the enigmatic newcomer to their community.

Unfortunately, the mantle of leadership doesn't sit well on Manning's shoulders, nor does the way it was bestowed on him. Something is not right about "John Doe", the mysterious man who left with most of Outpost's people following him, and Manning is determined to find out what it is...

A dystopian society set in a not-so-distant post-apocalyptic future.
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Author bio:
Matthew is originally from Brighton, Michigan. He now lives in Kentucky with his wife, two children, and their dog Elvis. He sings in a garage band with a group of friends- always rock 'n' roll- and absolutely loves a good movie.

His most popular novels, the Watchers series, have found their way onto over 50,000 Kindles, Nooks, and other eReaders.

To keep up with new releases or send a message, you can find his blog and mailing list at
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